Gareth Morgan should focus on the human tom cats


One teenage tomcat has sprayed his seed around plenty plus, knocking up women 13 times.

One rogue 19-year-old is a liable father to 13 kids to different mums.

A source has confirmed the man is named on the birth certificates of 13 children, and is liable to pay child support for them.

Figures released by the Inland Revenue Department show 943 teenage fathers were liable to pay child support at the end of last year. Some were just 15 years old, and already liable for two children.

A study for Inland Revenue estimates the “average” cost of raising a child to the age of 18 as $250,000. It does not count stay-at-home parents’ loss of incomes or childcare costs. The weekly cost for a low-income parent raising a child is $150 – or $140,000 by the time the child reaches 18.

The circumstances of the mothers of the 13 children are unknown, but any of them who are on the domestic purpose benefit are entitled to upward of $293 a week, as well as an accommodation supplement and other top-ups. So benefits to support those 13 babies could be costing the taxpayer more than $200,000 a year.

Family First should be more concerned about this behaviour than whether or not two blokes can marry.?

Rodney Hide comments:


A teenage dad to 13 kids. It beggars belief. That dad doesn’t have the financial ability to provide for those children, let alone provide the physical and emotional support they desperately need.

The multiple mums of his children haven’t bothered or needed to check whether he had the wherewithal to provide for his children.

There’s no need. The taxpayer picks up the tab. But government is no substitute for a dad and a husband.

Down the road, Jack and Mary are the caring and loving parents of four children. They would dearly love another but can’t afford it. That’s because they are already supporting a fifth child through the taxes they must pay. Yes, it’s taxpayers like them picking up the tab for that teen dad’s recklessness.

A 19-year-old fathering 13 children is the height of irresponsibility. Sadly we all must support that irresponsibility – and reap the consequences.

I’ll bet you a dollar to a knob of goat-poo that those 13 kids are neither blue-eyed nor blond haired.