Gareth Morgan’s worst nightmare



Metro (UK) reports

The UK’s first-ever cat café is coming to London in the next couple of months after members of the public donated over £100,000 to make one cat lover’s dreams a reality.  

Entrepreneur Lauren Pears has already started looking at prospective sites in the Old Street area of London and is aiming to have the café up and running by May.

The 30-year-old claims she has already found the 10 to 15 cats which will staff the café, with the animals coming from the Mayhew Animal Home in Kensal Green, north-west London.

Ms Pears, who was inspired by the popular cat cafes in Japan, said she spotted a gap in the market with large numbers of British city dwellers unable to have pets of their own due to living in rented accommodation, small flats or financial constraints.

The café will provide a place where cat lovers can stroke the roaming felines while drinking their coffee.

‘We tried to figure out a solution where the cats don’t get too stressed out which is why we’ve introduced the cover charge,’ Ms Pears told the Independent.

The only way that Gareth  Morgan wants to see cats being involved in the hospitality industry is like this





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