Gareth’s dream a reality in Belarus

Gareth Morgan dreams of a cat free New Zealand. In Belarus the cats are starving in basements:

The plaintive meows haunt the people of Minsk in the dead of night.

They come, activists say, from hundreds of stray cats who find themselves locked in basements by Belarus authorities – and doomed to starvation.

City authorities have been sealing off apartment block basements to keep out rats. A tragic consequence is that cats get trapped inside, left to waste away.

“My heart aches to hear how the animals, whom they have walled up, are screaming day and night,” said 72-year-old Antonina Gayenko, a retiree who was feeding some cats through small holes in the iron plates used to board up the basements.

“They have doomed them to death from thirst and hunger.” 

Oh no it is a cat-tastrophe:

Elena Titova, leader of the animal rights group Protect Life, says the authoritarian ex-Soviet nation has no long-term shelters to house stray animals. She estimated that about 9,000 strays have been killed in the capital alone over the past three years.

“Killing the animals with impunity has become a government policy,” Titova said Monday. “This barbarian policy can be described as `No animal, no problem.’ They find it easier to kill them as they don’t have to build shelters.”

Gareth would be wetting himself with excitement.


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  • Hazards001

    Belarus is full of a shit load of rats..most of which walk on two legs and have access to the internet.

  • Paul

    Cruelty and Stupidity in other countries is irrelevant to this debate .
    ‘Gareth’s dream’, as it has been expressed, is an noble aspiration, also shared by very many people . Perhaps a third of NZ and growing .Most of whom have seen the wholesale destruction brought to NZ’s native species by cats.

    The so called harmless moggy is responsible for the extinction of the Lyall’s wren; is directly implicated in the extinction of the Huia and N.I Piopio for example and 8 other species now extinct, well as being a likely contributing factor to the extinction of a further 10 species of NZ bird. It’s currently working on the Kakapo among others.

    This is an animal that hunts with impunity…is exonerated in its destruction by societies sentimentality and ignorance of the facts. It should not be treated inhumanely by any means ….but simply controlled and restricted. As are dogs…and that would be a great start.