Gaybo Farrar rejected by 9 year old

Please Google, re-enable my ads

Please Google, re-enable my ads


I suspect David doesn’t “like” Katy Perry in the same way as Miss 9.

Gaybo Farrar.

Has a ring to it.



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  • J.M

    He is certainly no oil painting

    • Credit where credit’s due, he looks about 1/2 of his former self, and he did it the hard way. That deserves some respect.

      Of course, he might end up looking like a shriveled walnut like Rodney Hide did.

      • Andy

        When guys like Farrar lose all that weight and still have massive heads, we probably need to spare a few moments thinking of the pain their mothers went through

  • Patrick

    What a sad lost soul he is, someone have a heart & buy that man a root.