Give your mind the same attention as you give your penis


Quite a bit of effort went into this web site.

Meet Dr Rich Mahogany, the inventor of Gentlemental Health.

Behind this unique presentation is actually some serious stuff.  It uses humour very effectively to act as a Trojan Horse and encourage men to have a bit of a read about things they normally just don’t think about:  depression and suicide.  

A public service announcement by Dr. Rich Mahogany: Working aged men (25-54 years old) account for the largest number of suicide deaths in Colorado. These men are also the least likely to receive any kind of support. They don’t talk about it with their friends. They don’t share with their family. And they sure as heck don’t seek professional treatment. They are the victims of problematic thinking that says mental health disorders are unmanly signs of weakness. And I, Dr. Rich Mahogany, am dedicated to changing that.

Men aren’t that different.

The site can be a little slow as it has gone viral and the world is discovering it, but it is well worth a visit, even for just a laugh.


If you need to talk to someone else:

Suicide Prevention Helpline
0508 828 865 (0508 TAUTOKO)

0800 543 354
or (09) 522 2999 within Auckland

0800 376 633
or free text 234

0800 726 666

(The Samaritans 0800 number only services Rotorua, Taupo, New Plymouth, Hawke’s Bay and Lower North Island. See website for other numbers)


If there is any kind of urgency, and you need help RIGHT NOW for yourself, or someone else, phone 111.


Or phone your local DHB Mental Health Crisis Team (CATT team): contact numbers below or phone Healthline 0800 611 116


Area covered


Northland Topuni to North Cape Whangarei (09) 430 4101 ext 3501
After hours 0800 223 371
Waitemata Wellsford to North Shore West Swanson, Piha & Titirangi
(09) 822 8500  After hours (09) 486 8900

Henderson (09) 822 8600
After hours (09) 486 8900

North Shore / East Rodney (09) 487 1400 After hours (09) 486 8900

Auckland Auckland City Central Auckland 0800 800 717
Counties Manukau 
South Auckland to Te Kauwhata South Auckland (09) 270 9090
Waikato Coromandel, Hamilton to National Park Hamilton 0800 505 050
Bay of Plenty
Tauranga, Whakatane to Te Kaha
Tauranga 0800 800 508Whakatane 0800 774 545
Tairawhiti Hicks Bay to Gisborne Gisborne (06) 867 2435
Rotorua, Taupo, Turangi Lakes 0800 166 167
Hawke’s Bay Wairoa, Napier, Hastings, Waipukurau Napier, Hastings 0800 112 334
New Plymouth to Waverly
New Plymouth (06) 753 6139 ext 7680
Whanganui Ohakune,  Whanganui to Bulls Whanganui 0800 653 358
Mid Central 
Palmerston North to Waikanae
Mid Central 0800 653 357
Wairarapa Masterton to Martinborough Wairarapa 0508 432 432
Hutt Valley 
Lower and Upper Hutt
Hutt Valley (04) 566 6999
Capital & Coast Kapiti to Wellington Wellington, Kapiti Coast, Porirua City, Wellington City (04) 494 9169
Nelson Marlborough Top of South Island to Hanmer Springs Nelson (03) 546 1421
After hours (03) 546 1800

Marlborough (03) 520 9907
After hours (03) 520 9999

Canterbury Kaikoura to Ashburton Ashburton 0800 222 955Christchurch 0800 920 092
West Coast  West Coast, South Island Greymouth 0800 757 678
South Canterbury Timaru, Mt Cook, Tekapo, Temuka, Waimate Timaru 0800 277 997
(Otago & Southland)
Dunedin, Milford Sound south to Stewart Island Dunedin (03) 474 0999 ask for Psychiatric Emergency Services

Gore (03) 208 0299

Invercargill 0800 467 846


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  • thor42

    He sounds like a *great* guy.

    A very worthwhile effort too. My depression has kicked in much more than usual in the last day or so, and when it does, I just think of WO and the bloody good stuff that you do. Keep it up!

    • GregM

      Stick in there mate, and keep the comments coming !

      • thor42

        Thanks…. :)

    • Orange

      Yup. Good on ya.

      • thor42

        Cheers…. :)

    • Vitamin B, walking, exercise and daily WOBH, kia kaha

      • thor42

        Thanks, WO – very much appreciated. Yeah, I remember reading that vitamin B is good for fighting depression. I’ll try to increase my vit-B levels (and I could certainly get more exercise).

      • Our latest thing is Hare hunting. Unfortunately for WO we can’t shoot them but its our thing to spot them on our walks using binoculars. We spotted 6 this evening and they were huge. I love where we live. We have ducks, Pukekos, Hares, ponds and an enormous park. It is great stress relief in the evenings. Sometimes we shoot them with our hands and make the gun shot noise which is fun. Tomorrow we are going to use the duck caller on the ducks cause he needs the practice before duck huntin season. We pretend to shoot them too :)

  • unsol

    What a brilliant concept. It is so weird that men have even assumed that they arent as emotional or don’t have the depth of feeling that all women (apparently) have; the male to female rates of mental illness (excluding post natal depression)m suicide, all forms of violence, lack of fidelity after choosing to commit etc all indicate that men have just as many struggles as women. It is time that all men were man enough to accept it, get the help they need & further, that women stop belittling men and assuming they are all neanderthals stuck in the cave.

  • Steve Taylor

    Excellent approach to mens mental health: perhaps the Prostate cancer campaign could borrow some of these ideas as well. Men just don’t do “therapy” the way women do it – approximately 15,000 hours of Practice has taught me that over the years. Men most often want someone to get in, sort it, and then get out again. And if one is working with teenage boys, the worst thing a therapist can do is ask them is “so, how did that make you feel?” One of the Practice trends in therapy over the past few years has been to move towards more of a “Therapeutic Coaching” model – this approach seems to work very well with both sexes, but particularly the blokes. And good therapy is not just about what is happening in the office of the therapist – it’s about what is happening the other 23 hours a day, and who else is around to show some support to the client.

    • Bob

      Just what they need……a TROLL like you to give them your “special” treatment Steve!!! We have read all there is about your practice methodology during your “15,000 hrs”….and once again its a crock of shit.

      • Steve Taylor

        (Sigh). Troll alert:

        • Steve Taylor
        • Bob

          Perhaps you could enlighten us as to exactly what this has to do with either my comments or the subject at hand ? Are you attempting to infer that I am this person? Is this another of your standard replies to anyone who may offer any thought or opinion that opposes yours? Come on Steve, this link only graphically displays your obvious manic compulsion to troll anyone you take a dislike to. It would appear to me that from this link content that you certainly need to be prevented from inflicting yourself against the Family Court and anyone else relying on Counselors such as yourself for help. I rest my case, you have proven yourself for what you are.

          • Steve Taylor

            Troll alert.

          • Steve Taylor

            Actually Grant, what it proves is the maxim “NFWAB”.

          • Steve Taylor

            And don’t forget, Grant, there are literally hundreds of people who would diagree with you:

          • Bob

            Sorry to disappoint you but the name is Bob, not Grant. Not that it will make one iota of difference to your answers or to your obvious obsession, however , spout forth and continue to prove my argument for me.

          • Steve Taylor

            Run along now, troll.

          • Bob

            Run along is exactly what I did and after 2 days of researching you and your past antics it seems that you are indeed a confirmed twat. Every posting on any discussion board, blog or media release only screams out ” how great i am”, never mind the content of the posting, never mind the context of the reply, you divert it into another ‘Steve Taylor great announcement” and God help anyone opposing you.
            Waste of space and time and certainly not worth any more time debating or discussing someone who places themselves above the Law, above common sense and most of all , above God.

          • Steve Taylor

            Run along now, troll.

      • Steve Taylor
      • Steve Taylor

        Hey “Bob”. Go and buy a copy of the latest “North & South” magazine, read the cover story (page 34-42), and then come back and tell me that the mode of Practice I employ, which has now been evidentially validated by some of the the worlds leading Client Outcome researchers, is quote “a crock of shit”.