Go on Len, explain this coincidence



Via the tipline

Guess whose property is not included in the Auckland plan for intensification?  It wouldn’t be Len’s would it in Tiffany Close?  Or how about John Robinson Papakura Local Board member further down Tiffany Close?

Would be interesting to do a survey on where Councillors, Local Board members and Council officers who have had an input into the Auckland Plan live.  

Maybe Len plans intensification of housing on railway corridors for the poor people while the rich can still live in Auckland on their lifestyle properties.



Hands up those who expect better from Len Brown and his cronies?

If he excels in one thing, it is self-interest.

Always pays to have property close to your local council members.  The roads get maintained, the street lighting and drainage get fixed, and any zoning changes are going to improve the area.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Cronyism at its best. The Greens should call for an inquiry…

    I wonder what process the council followed drawing up these boundaries? Perhaps the AG should have a look… Just for transparency sake of course…

  • ratesarerevolting

    Len Brown is a fucking cunt !

    • Steve R

      Len Brown is a FUCKING CUNT !!!!!!

  • Vlad

    Anybody who lives in a street allowed to be called Tiffany Close deserves to get seriously intensified. Is there a wankier, more low-rent, named after the developer’s girlfriend, street in Auckland? “Courtney’s” (and that’s it, no place street or name after it), in leaky heaven West Harbour gets close. So to speak.

    • Steve R

      hahaha How did the developers wife not realise he had used his girlfriends name

    • PM of NZ

      Doesn’t matter what the street is called, or where the boundaries are, it will always be deepest South Auckland.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    He is one slimey person. He is only in the job to do all he can to better himself. I think he would be the most corrupt in local body politics at the moment. From keeping his own property safe, spending heaps on possibly unneccesary travel to getting involved in the issuing of a liquor licence for a hotel whose had expired and his daughter was having a shin dig at recently. Not many people I know who could crawl under a worm with a top hat on. Lets hope someone follows up on the above story and exposes him and his cronies.

    • Patrick

      Thank Rodney Hide – he is the architect of the super city after all.

  • Paranormal

    He’s just following a long tradition of featherbedding. Have a look at the old boundary between Glendowie and Glenn Innes.
    The boundary between them followed a ridgeline until it for no understandable reason popped into GI for a block. Bet you’d never guess there was a councillor living in that block that wanted a Glendowie address.

  • Michael Wells

    In what way is this different to the cronyisms of Parnell or Ponsonby?