GP Forums take Christchurch Cellphone Thief discussion down

GP Forums have taken the thread down, so none of my  posts point to the source material.  I kind of suspected this may happen at some point, so here it is.

Idiots Using My Stolen Phone – GP Forums Open D All Pages


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  • GregM

    I’m guessing they have been offered some legal advice. It’s a pity that a few retards did this to the very good forum that GPF normally is. I go to the building modding clocking, and call of duty threads occasionally, there is often some good shit there.

  • Yeah its a pretty good site , depending on what forum your actually in, 72,000 odd members .

  • W.Austin

    The Open Discussion forum was great up until a few years ago when it was over run with insolent kids who come from the extreme left of the political spectrum and are not smart enough to form their own political opinions.

  • BW_Lord

    Just dredged right the way through the thread. Pure Gold until about 3/4 the way through.
    Honestly there must be some sort of algorithm for (amount of people involved) – (time until until the thread disintegrates). Bit of a shame as these petty fuckwits will probably get off scott free now.

  • Craig

    bummer, it wouldve made this site look the busiest its ever been

    • StacyMcNaught

      And with Whale linking everything back to GPF they never noticed increased traffic either? Bummer

      • disqus_7aFzzhiT9z

        Of course they didn’t. They deal with a ridiculous amount of traffic already, any views from this blog would be a drop in the bucket. They’ve made the front page of Reddit (ie. “the front page of the internet”) several times.

        They took the thread down *until the guys are caught*. In other words, to increase the chance that all of this ridiculous publicity won’t harm the chance of getting the phone back. They’ve dealt with bigger fish than this WhaleOil idiot without giving a crap about removing threads.

        • StacyMcNaught

          Excellent, you felt the need to take my comment and reply all puffy chested. And while I cannot comment on the accuracy of your figures about traffic (mainly because you provide none), I still would expect that more traffic is a good thing. And also I do not know what GPF’s business model is but i assume more traffic enables more revenue or the ability to generate more revenue anyway, even if its a “drop in the bucket” (your accurate figures not mine). And if they dont make money from it, well, Bummer.