Grant Robertson, Prime Minister? – Being Gay II

Grant Robertson

Further to our discussion yesterday.

Many would argue that being gay is no barrier to Grant being Prime Minister as we elected Helen Clark three times.

Whatever Helen Clark’s sexuality, it did not count against her in the ballot box. It is hard to think why New Zealand would have become more socially conservative two decades after Clark become leader of Labour. 

I doubt very many people actually care anymore who someone sleeps with, unless of course they are being a sanctimonious hypocrite.

In any case New Zealand in all likelihood has already had a gay Prime Minister, so I can’t see this being the big deal that moral crusaders like Colin Craig or Bob McCoskrie will make out it to be.


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  • Redneck

    Incessantly fawning over homosexual politicians is Farrar’s job !

    • Changeiscoming

      When it comes to social polices, Whale and Farrar are both firmly setup on the left.

  • Troy

    You are probably right Cam that people don’t give a toss if there is a gay PM… what gets peoples backs up is when their political philosphy is unbalanced… ie unbalanced in terms of either over-protection or elevated favour towards minority groups (eg gays). All people really want is a leader that makes it fair for all but that doesn’t overdo it when such actions lead to minority groups gaining more (and unfairly) over the majority.

  • Stephen

    Hi Cam, now you are making Herald mistakes. Helen Clark was not “elected” by the people of NZ as we do not elect our Prime Ministers. She was “elected” by the Labour Party caucus to be their leader as per the party’s constitution.

    • Troy

      Yes but who elects the Labour Party into power with the knowledge before the election that their leader will be a certain person? MP’s don’t elect themselves, the people do.

      • In Vino Veritas

        The folks at the Standard do not vote for people Troy, they vote for a party, no matter what number of deadbeats and dropkicks populate it. For an example of that, look at their current crop of parliamentarians.

    • Stephen, this blog isn’t a “Blog of Record”, nor does it employ “Journalists, trained and skilled”.

    • Oh contraire Stephen…Labour types constantly go about how Helen Clark was the first “elected” woman PM.

      • Only because Dame Jenny Shipley beat her to the title of New Zealand’s first woman PM. Helen Clark never got over that.

        • unsol

          Dont you mean damn. That women did nothing good for this country.

          • Hazards001

            OMG..thats one post

          • unsol

            You mean Shitley or just Uncle Helen? I’m no fan of either….

    • Pete George

      Effectively we do elect our Prime Minister through the party vote.

      Parties run presidential style campaigns (except with Goff), media run presidential style campaigns and many voters are probably swayed by what they think of potential Prime Ministers.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Robertson may be PM one day, but he will be the “peace-maker” of all the factions. He’ll be as effective as all the other Labour numpties and installed as the ” buffer” until Labour realise they still don’t have a credible runner to counter John Key and National.

    Then they’ll implore Auntie to come home to “rescue” Labour. She’ll be spun as the great saviour of Labour within their circle of sycophants… The rest of us will be wanting garlic necklaces, silver bullets and sharp wooden stakes.

    Labour (and the Greens) will be so desperate for a return to the cheque book that ever runs dry, they’ll re-install the she-devil… Because that’s about their only hope.

    Our hope is to motivate the 30% of voters that couldn’t be bothered getting off the couch. They need to understand how destructive a left-leaning government would be for NZinc – however if they can’t be arsed voting… A party that offers free hand- outs and more free money will likely get their vote. National need to counter that.

  • LionKing

    Who is his Partner? Will we see another episode of Winston as foreign minister stepping in to whisk the PM’s partner out of the US after an “ugly” discreteness in San Fran?

    • His partner is a top bloke, some say that he should have been the MP. A rugby playing, beer drinking bus driver…I’d share a beer with him any day.

      • But would you pack down in the front row, if he was the lock?

        • unsol

          If he did I cant see how that would be different to a straight guy….surely you must know that the boys seem to like giving each other a good grope or dry beer hump post the game?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Robertson may topple Sheep by end of 2013 if Sheep can’t overtake naked Emperor. Then Robertson will be PM in 2014.

  • LesleyNZ

    I never liked Helen Clark being PM – for many reasons. Think the same about Grant Robertson. Recently when TV1 played a bit of the interview where Paul Holmes did a tour of her and her husband’s house it was pretty obvious when she made the point that the bedroom door they had just passed by was “my” bedroom. Had enough of all this gay stuff dominating politics. Getting to a point where heterosexuals will have to be protected by the United Nations!

  • Marc Williams

    To be fair Klark did not publicly display her gay card, even to the extent of using the facade of having a male “husband”. Robertson however will not have the luxury of this public face as his cards are already out there. My feeling is that the NZ public will count this against him, since there are too many situations where the Prime Minister’s partner is a part of our representation both here and overseas, and most NZ’s would find that unacceptable. It may not be fair, but unfortunately it is reality. Choosing Robertson to go into the election as Labour leader will be a huge turnoff for many voters… maybe that would be a good thing on second thoughts.

    • Patrick

      Wait until election night when after being crowned PM he kisses his husband – live on national TV.

  • Never in the dark…..

    Firstly: Cam, is there something you haven’t told us yet?

    Second: Regardless of his ‘orientation’, I don’t believe he has what it takes to be PM. He may well be strong within the ranks, but I don’t think he has the personality to ensure a popular vote.

    Other than GLBT issues, what policies has he come forward with? What are his achievements to date?

  • Random66

    Grant who?? Any regular reader of WO will know who he is, but I dare to say the run of the mill voter out there won’t. He has no public profile and is pretty much invisible to the majority of NZ’ers. The likes of Prosser or Hone have a better chance of becoming prime minister than GR at the moment because they have come out and made their views widely known and in doing so have given themselves a public profile (albeit not necessarily a good one), but any publicity is good publicity. Winstone used to be good at this and people voted for him because they thought they knew who he was and what he stood for. Grant will have to come out and be very clear on where he stands on the issues and start to show the determination, grit, strength, intelligence and personality NZ’ers would expect to see in a leader, otherwise it will be just more of the same for Labour. John Key is a great leader, his witty one liners leave no doubt where he stands on an issue causing just enough controversy for the media to repeat them, hence lifting his public profile and ensuring those that agree with him will want to vote for him.

    • unsol

      I dont know about that as sure, in Auckland they wont know who he is but then proportionately, some would argue most people in the Auckland region dont vote (voter participation typically excludes low socio-economic areas).

      Robertson is Wellington’s MP & by most accounts a rather likeable fella so I would say he is has a fairly high profile there & in the wider region (which is notorious for leaning to the left).

  • unsol

    Like many said yesterday, being gay is the least of Robertson’s problems. He is left wing and well, that definitely NOT be prayed away!

    But what’s the bet that just like Carter, he will use his sexual orientation as a way to try & claim poor me, I’m not being given a fair chance/you’re picking on me because I’m gay.

    Stuff like that & the ratepayers paying for parades that essentially undermine a minority’s quest for equality just reinforces the hate that is already out there.

    If you want to be treated like everyone else you shouldnt be asking for special treatment in the next breath. It is the same rule for all or not.

    • Hazards001

      Well slap me with a fresh flounder. Well said, couldn’t agree more. Just goes to show, listen to someone long enough they’re bound to say something you agree with :-)

      • unsol

        Funny turn of phrase Hazard….must steal that! And thanks & yep very true…

  • cows4me

    Don’t give a flying fuck if he’s gay but I do give a fuck about the polices his useless bloody party would ram down our throats. He’s a socialist/commie ahole and has very little to offer NZ, being gay is just his bad luck.