Grant Robertson, Prime Minister? – Being Gay

Grant Robertson

The most likely and strident criticism of Grant Robertson is he is gay. Social conservatives will be up in arms that a gay man could lead our country, as if it is some sort of insult to our nationhood.

Political pundits will wonder if New Zealand is ready for a gay Prime Minister, and question whether Chris Trotter’s Waitakere Man is willing to vote for a homosexual.

Grant’s sexuality may cost him some small number of votes, but it will not be as important as the team of people he leads, the financial strength of the Labour Party, and the policies they take into an election campaign. Grant has been careful not to associate himself too closely with gay issues or identity politics, so he won’t be able to be linked to drag queens or poofters prancing in Ponsonby. 

Gay culture has moved on, as explained by Andrew Sullivan’s excellent article, “The End of Gay Culture” from 2005.

The flamboyant gay or butch lesbian of the past is a stereotype of a bygone era. Gays come out earlier, are no longer as isolated in their own community, and most straight people know gays & lesbians to be good people who are attracted to the same sex rather than the opposite sex.

As time goes on gayness will be less important for politicians, so while being gay may count against Grant it is probably not enough to stop him from being Prime Minister.


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  • Pete George

    Every potential Prime Minister has something that will cost them votes, Helen Clark had a few, John Key is a rich white male with a financial background, some count that against him.

    In the 21st centurty I don’t hink Grant’s sexuality will count against him significantly, and will win him some support.

    But that’s a minor side issue – whether he looks like leadership material and whether the Labour caucus looks capable of running a credible government are far more critical.

  • RockyFist


  • surfisup

    If he can fix unemployment, raise incomes, reduce govt spending he could be a smurf for all I care.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Sorry not the right boy/girl for the job.

      • Hazards001

        Or the right party…excuse the pun

    • williamabong

      Not if he is packaged with the current band of followers, self interested underachievers to a wo/man, bundled up with the Gween, Maori, Mana, NZ 1st monkey show doomed is the word that comes to mind.
      Nice guy, no brains.

  • Captain Crab

    Gay? I think the greater concern is he is useless and stupid. A real mental lightweight who cares more about his political ” factions” than what is good for NZ

    • UnionsAreCorrupt

      100% spot on ! John Key has been successful even though he is from a minority (1%) – but has capable poeple aorudn him. Could cock-wallet be the same ? His biggest issue will be selling the broader policy and managing the looney greens. Unlikely to sit well unless the MSM continue to push the left agenda.

  • oob

    I think it’s quite the reverse.

    Perhaps because I’m in the relatively cosmopolitan bubble of central Auckland. I reckon his sexuality is likely to be an asset rather than a liability.

    Which is disconcerting because I don’t like his politics.

  • Freddie Fleetstreet

    Look at those chins. That will count against him more than his sexuality. Made fat from sucking on the public tit his whole working life.

    • williamabong

      More chins than a Chinese phone book.

  • Tom

    We’ve already had a gay Prime Minister

    • John1234

      Yeah, but not an out one.

      • Tom

        NZ’s worst kept secret

    • tarkwin

      Hard to tell them apart in a frock. Could be twins.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Oh come now! Judith only looked after Helen’s handbag, not her front mat. The First Gentleman on the other hand … well he had an unusual interest in the sanitary state of the toilets at LAX.

  • Greg

    Whats the point they will he will be retired before labour is govt again.

  • John1234

    I don’t know what runs through the mind of the average Kiwi voter, if anything.

    Personally, I don’t care about his orientation. However there’s been a disturbing characteristic of other Labour GLBT politicians to focus on fringe and pet social issues and drop the ball on the core issues around supporting a sound sustainable economy.

    I don’t know if Robertson would do that, but it’s a worry.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Not much ,with all the distractions, people are very unaware of, not only whats happening around them but whats happening around the World.

  • blazer

    no hope.

  • Changeiscoming

    “Social conservatives will be up in arms that a gay man could lead our country, as if it is some sort of insult to our nationhood.”
    Whale you are not a social conservative so probably not a good idea to speak on their behalf. But your liberal opinion is noted.

  • Pete George

    Coincidentally Grant Robertson was at a BBQ today with some Labour caucus colleagues:

  • I think the Labour Party should do it. Nothing more would guarantee sending them into political oblivion than putting that guy up for leader. Brilliant.

  • GregM

    Nope, and not because he is gay. Are these two related ??

  • Elizabeth Bourchier

    Coming third in Wellington Central is a real sin.

    It is galling to Labour Supporters that the clique around Shearer: King, Mallard, Hipkins and Robertson; all did shite in the last election.
    They declined in Party Vote more than the countrywide swing.
    Beaten in Wellington Central by the Greens and Nats! Shameful behaviour.