Grant Robertson, Prime Minister? – Fundraising

Grant Robertson

Grant Robertson has immersed himself in parliamentary politics, without building a team of people around him who provide the kind of infrastructure Helen Clark built around herself.

Clark may not have had great relations with business and political donors, but she did build a team of people around her that did. She also had a great fundraiser or shakedown artist in Mike “Fat Tony” Williams, who made sure that Labour had plenty of money and weren’t just reliant on union funding. 

Since Fat Tony retired Labour have been broke. Andrew Little didn’t even try to raise money from anyone other than unions and by taxing MPs. Moira Coatesworth hasn’t been much better yet, but may improve. Regardless, Grant doesn’t have any fundraising capability.

Grant has been so self absorbed and absorbed by politics in Wellington he hasn’t got around the country and built a rapport with the big donors who could contribute to campaigns he leads. Typical of most New Zealand politicians he appears to think fundraising is a bit dirty and beneath him.

The battle for Labour Party leaders is moving the party to the middle ground where middle New Zealand vote for them. While the hard left unions are the pay masters the flexibility to move to the middle ground does not exist. Grant hasn’t done the hard yards in lining up the $2m a year or so he needs to be able to tell the unions to stick it, and win an election.


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  • peterwn

    While labour was in government Helen was able to give ‘fat Tony’ three taxpayer funded sinecures so he had a decent six figure ‘President’s’ salary.

    • Six actually

      • peterwn

        Wow! Imagine the fuss if John Key gave Peter Goodfellow six sinecures.

        • I would cause a fuss if he gave him even one

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Don’t you guys ever forget the Fat Tony’s trip to Melbourne to dig dirt on Naked Emperor…..and the support he got from the shameless media of this country

    • Patrick

      cannot believe Fat Tony was a Pall Bearer for Paul Holmes, I thought Holmes had better judgement than that. Just shows how intertwined the Labour Party are with the media.