Greens are anti-jobs – Gillard

As regular readers will already know I am not a fan of the anti-jobs, anti-people, anti-progress Green taliban. They are luddites. Unfortunately they manage to hoodwink plenty of people into their clutches.

In Australia, Julia Gillard has attacked them:

A FIERY Julia Gillard blasted the Greens as being anti-jobs as Tony Abbott revealed the Coalition was drawing up contingency plans if Labor made Kevin Rudd, Bill Shorten or Greg Combet leader.

The Prime Minister said it was the Greens who had walked away from their agreement because their policies would hurt jobs.

“At the end of the day, the Greens party is fundamentally a party of protest rather than a party of government … a party that would prefer to complain about things than get solutions,” she said. 

Ms Gillard revealed when Greens leader Christine Milne phoned her on Tuesday to tell her of the split, her reply was very brief.

“I said sort of ‘thanks, righto’ and that was it.”

While some Labor MPs said the deal should never have been done, Ms Gillard defended it, saying after the 2010 election delivered a hung Parliament she tried to find a way to work with others to keep the economy strong, create jobs and shape the nation’s future.


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  • Cadwallader

    Finally something decent out of Gillard’s trap.

    • Depends whose ear it is aimed at. She is desperate and trying to tap into any of those who are deserting Labor in favour of the Greens.
      Gillard tried to make her coalition deal sound like she was trying to save Australia from itself when Parliament was hung. Of course she was prepared to sell anything to get it, like her stance on the Carbon (dioxide) tax.
      Lies are never decent, and this is all that will ever part her lips.

      • Patrick

        She would sell her first born in the pursuit of power – if she could find someone willing to run one up her.

  • Allyson

    As the Greens say;”eff the Americans, eff the bosses,eff capitalism, no mining stop fishing, screw the productive sector.” and then to cap it all off “Where’s the jobs” they are a joke.

    • maninblack

      yep.. they are cunts.

  • Patrick

    Gillard only attacks they Greens because they are chewing away her voter base – the ALP is no different than the NZ LP, they belive it is their divine right that anyone on the left will vote Labour.

    However Gillard is correct, the Greens are a party of protest, not government & the same goes for the NZ Greens. Gillard had no qualms stitching a deal together with the Greens in her pursuit of power & the same will occur in NZ if Labour find themselves in a similar position.

  • Gillard up to her usual duplicity. Everyone knows, vote Labor & you’ll get the Greens.

  • Mr_Blobby

    What price for power. National/Maori/United/Act or Labor/Greens/Mana/Maori/United they all behave like low rent prostitutes. Anything for the baubles of power.

    • Patrick

      Hah – you forgot Winnie, he will always be the centre of attention come post election courtships.