Hardly overwhelming David, time to fess up

I’ve been thinking a fair bit about David Shearer’s leadership.

To my mind he is doomed. The much heralded and signalled…well required…leadership vote was held and afterwards Labour rather embarrassingly announced that David Shearer was endorsed as leader in a ballot that had only one candidate by “an overwhelming margin“.

That got me thinking and it got me scratching around my Labour sources…that didn’t sound right…”an overwhelming margin”…what does that even mean?

Then I was emailed by a reader who heard Katie Bradford-Crozier talking to Justin duFresne this morning on NewstalkZB. She said that int he leadership vote there were 10 abstentions.

This confirms what I have heard too from my Labour sources. Ten abstentions. 

Ten from a caucus of 34…nearly a third of the caucus abstained from voting. The actual percentage is 29% of David Shearer’s caucus refused to vote for him.

That is not “an overwhelming margin”…it is an embarrassment…and only 3 votes short of the trigger.

David Shearer has better be very, very careful with his re-shuffle.

But imagine parliament now…speaker after speaker for National will be able to ask if any member of Labour is one of the cowardly 10 who abstained. All the while slowly undermining Shearer’s facade of legitimacy.

Who are the ten though? We can certainly guess some of them.

David Cunliffe, Nanaia Mahuta are two. Lianne Dalziel, Charles Chauvel and Cunliffe’s numbers girl Moana Mackey are another three…that is 5 so far.

Who are the other 5?

Ruth Dyson, Sue Moroney, Rajen Prasad, Darien Fenton, Louisa Wall and Phil Twyford have all been named as Cunliffe supporters before…that makes eleven, so I’d drop Prasad, he is a nobody in the party, the token Indian and knows it, it doesn’t matter to him who the leader is,, they will still need their token Indian. The other are all union affiliated with the exception of Twyford.

That is a pretty close approximation…now all it takes is for Shearer tyo continue to play his strong man routine and bomb his re0shuffle and it is all one for young and old…only three need to swap over.

The old biddies in the sisterhood should be able to swing Maryan Street across, and Chauvel will add his rainbow clout to the pressure on her. Only two more needed. Yeah, Shearer needs to be real careful, unless of course he axes Cunliffe supporters from his line up., but even that is fraught with danger because the factions kick in. Women, Maori, Gay, Union…interesting times.


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  • Dr Wang

    Re the other 5: Rajan Prasad would have been too lazy to vote at all, but would he have made all that effort to abstain? Probably not – so your guess of the 5 union toadies is pretty accurate I’d say.

  • Paul

    If he makes it to the election he will be the prime minister as National has no running mates

    • Goldie

      National doesn’t need “running mates” (who will just cannabalise votes which will go to National anyway). National just has to point out that a vote for Labour, Greens or Winston First will mean David Shearer as PM, Winston Peters as corrupt foriegn minister outside cabinet yet again, Turei as minister of social welfare with a “living wage” to all, and Russel Norman with his bizarre social credit economics as finance minister.

      • Patrick

        Totally agree & the sooner that message starts getting broadcast to all & sundry the better

  • blokeintakapuna

    Not only does he have these internal factions biding their time, he also has the other 3 heads of the 4-headed monster to content with. Because for the lesser factions to partake in the coalition of the desperate, they all want the baubles of power… And Winnie wants another shot being King maker again.

    If its not one big internal fluster-fuck inside of Labour, it will be the fugly 4headed monster trying to tell NZ Inc they aren’t a tanewha. Yeah Right!

    All National will need to do is be more active in their PR with all the “good stuff” because in the information vacuum…. The unions are filing our TV’s with their warped and twisted propaganda and slant on how things should work. Drown out their dribbling populist rhetoric with facts mentioned often… And the 4headed monster will cannibalise itself… I hope.

    • Gazzaw

      I totally agree BIT with your comments about National’s lack of PR. Does Boag still look after that? If so she needs a swift kick up the arse or given the DCM. Open up the Horrid any day of the week and the headlines are invariably distorted to the left. Pics of JK are often ‘unfortunate’ or more accurately unflattering. Same with TV One & TV3. Boag could do worse than check it out with the Greens on how effective PR should be done.

      • What has Boag got to do with anything, she was nothing but bad PR for National and continues to be so.

        • Gazzaw

          I thought that her PR company handled National’s account. That’s why I asked the question thinking that you would know. If she isn’t then whoever bloody well is is not doing a great job either and my comments stand.

      • blokeintakapuna

        Maybe they need to spend more time with Truth reporters?

  • cows4me

    The right may eat babies but this lot are cannibals, wait, they’ll start eating their own soon.

  • ConwayCaptain

    If we get a Liebore/Gween/NZF Govt next year the infighting will be of monumental proportions. There will be BLOOD AND GUTS all over the place.
    Give it 12-18 months and then a new election called by the GG

  • Patrick

    Wrestling with the Hydra will be no sweat for a man that has spent years dealing with Somalian War Lords…….

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  • Wallsingham

    In the magic of the youth vote marching girls, marijuana aficionados and the GBLT rainbow all wound into a tight little twisted bundle- they may just ingest themselves?

    They are not the twee fascisti… they are simply pigmies with what they believe to be power. They rule and opponents had better tow the line. Otherwise we gut one, step over another. Punish with relentless vengeance. Sooner hopefully rather than later their turn will come. Godzone needs an effective opposition.