Has Cameron sold out? Party betrayed over same-sex marriage

The Tory old guard are flexing their arms over marriage equality…all 20 of them.

Senior local Conservatives have accused Prime Minister David Cameron of “betraying” the grassroots of their party, as they deliver a last-ditch attempt to delay the vote on same-sex marriage.

A group of 20 senior local Conservatives have today written to Mr Cameron imploring him to delay a vote on same-sex marriage until after the next election.

It came as William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, said he became a supporter of gay marriage “over the last couple of years”.

He said he considered whether it was right in principle, if there was enough public support and if there were protections for people who did not agree with it.

“I think as times have changed, civil partnerships came in, within a remarkably short period of time those things become accepted,” he told BBC 1’s Sunday Politics. “I think the same will happen with this.”

The “strongly-worded letter”, delivered personally to Downing Street by a delegation of six members this afternoon, protests against the proposals being made “without adequate debate or consultation”.

According to its content, the passing of the Bill will lead to “long-held religious and personal freedoms and the right to free speech” being “adversely affected”, as well as “significant damage” to the Party in the 2015 election. 

What a bunch of old fuddy-duddies…Cameron should tell them to sling their hook.

Highlighting the “level of controversy” and “division of opinion” caused by the proposals, representatives today claimed members of the party are leaving in their droves in protest.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph outside Number 10 today, they have now appealed to a “wooden-headed” Mr Cameron to listen to the roots of the party, arguing more time should be given to the debate before a vote goes ahead.

The group, made up of chairmen and former chairmen of local Conservative Associations, have today accused Mr Cameron of betraying the ordinary people by pushing ahead without a proper mandate.

One said grassroots members had been left “angry, disillusioned and deeply puzzled” over the “sudden” introduction of the proposals, as another said life-long supporters no longer felt “at home” in the Conservative Party.


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  • Get it through, get is Ascended, move along and go focus on something that affects the entire population of Britain – the EU question

    • Patrick

      & therein lies the paradox – the real issues that affect everybody are being sidelined while the vocal minority hijack the political debate. I think you will find most people couldn’t give a flying whatsit but those for & against make the most noise.

      NZ is a classic case in point, how many times do you see a minor issue ramped up by a self interested group, the media then hype it beyond what it actually is & before you know it the political debate is centered around the issue, hand wringing ensues, “we must do something” laws are passed, cue the next issue.

      All the while Rome burns

  • surfisup

    Cameron is not even a failure, he is a disaster.

    He should not consider gay marriage while people are losing their jobs. Gay marriage is a luxury policy which he should only consider after all the big ticket items have been resolved.

    Cameron has steered the UK into a slump even worse than the great depression. Now he has decided to hold a referendum on Britains EU membership in 2017!! In one go he has doomed the UK economy for another 4 years.

    • Patrick

      Referendum is the only right & fair thing to do – the British have been hoodwinked on Europe since Harold Wilson’s dodgy referendum. Look at what has happened to the UK in the last 20 years, the immigration from Eastern Europe has been completely detrimental. The people should get asked an honest & fair set of questions so that they can voice their opinion. Unfortunately like all referendums the questions will be loaded.

  • Andrei
  • cows4me

    Yeah bring it on, gay marriage will save us all, hallelujah. And while all these politicians run around like headless chooks procrastinating on this shit the UK is going down the shitter.

  • TomTom

    Ok. So since the politcos are all apparently wasting their time on this issue instead of getting on and dealing with the economy and all the other shit going on, why don’t they just pass it already?

    Done. We don’t have to talk about it ever again and equality is achieved for a significant sub-set of the population.

    You know that you have nothing left to argue if the best you can say is that “we’ve got better things to do”

    • surfisup

      You are massively underestimating the pile of poo in which the UK finds itself. They really are in trouble economically. Their current situation is worse than the great depression.

      I think you also underestimate the amount of time , energy , and expense that a gay marriage bill will incur. There are many more against it in the UK.

      • TomTom

        Sorry for late reply – but, there’s always shite going on. And this is politicians we’re talking about – if the Conservatives haven’t already done all the necessary financial bills in Parliament, they never will. Also – aren’t we supposed to be advocating for the government to stay out of the economy and manage it own debts’/problems?!