Have the Unions and Labour Party broken the Party Donation laws?

Have the Unions and Labour Party broken the Party Donation laws?  –Observation by the Owl

Current Labour Campaigns (from NZ Labour website)

  1. Stop the great NZ Sell OFF
  2. Labour champions Living Wage (Press Release 14/2/2013)
  3. Manufacturing Enquiry

Current CTU and Union campaigns (from NZCTU website)

  1. Keep our Assets
  2. Living Wage
  3. Manufacturing Crisis

Here is the rule regarding Party Donations (From Electoral Commission website) 

Donations in Kind

Donation of labour and discounted goods and services

Donation of labour does not count as long as the person is donating their own labour free of charge.  The donation of someone else’s time (for example, by a business of its employees’ time) may constitute a donation.  A discount offered on the price of someone’s own labour may also count as a donation.

If goods or services are provided at less than reasonable market value, the difference between the contract price of the goods or services and their reasonable market value is a donation (if the reasonable market value of the goods exceeds $1,500) from the person who provided the goods or services.

Observation by the Owl

I will keep this short and sweet – refer my post The Owl on Joyce 29th November 2012.

With the Unions $100M in revenues and 20% of the vote – who is driving Labour?

What did the Unions charge Labour for their policy promotion?

Was it discounted or free?


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  • cows4me

    Is the pope Catholic, is the sky blue.

    • Tom

      Or, ‘Was the Pope a Nazi?’

  • StupidDiscus

    Have the Unions and Labour Party broken the Party Donation laws?

    Of course. So obvious it’s not worth asking.

    The only question is: why does our state-house-kid PM just keep on Smile’n’Waving and not eliminate corruption from NZ’s politics

    • BJ

      Would you consider that JK is a patient man and is giving the corrupt just enough rope to eventually hang themselves on. Patience – he is but a man

      • StupidDiscus

        Well he’d better pull the trap soon – or the condemned will turn executioner, and Key had better pray that the baubles upon leaving office he handed out to the unionists will in turn protect him from the hatred of an antidemocratic Labour/Green dictatorship of the unionists!

  • blokeintakapuna

    There is something inherently flawed where a political party once in government creates employment laws and legislation giving the unions a “legal” status to be able to hold employers to ransom unless their demands are met, whilst at the same, these unions obscure and deliberately obfuscate financial reporting – in some cases several years late/missing, where many millions are missing in cash and assets. Then these same unions “secure funding” from the Labour government for millions, supposedly for “workplace training” but no one is held accountable for any deliverables or standards and no one checks what was delivered, when, by whom for these “training funds”

    Then the unions deliberately make it neigh on impossible to “follow the money” even for trained CAs and Auditors, let alone for their members… as we’ve seen in previous discussions here.

    So the unions get tax advantages by being registered as “incorporated societies” but even then, the likes of McCarten and his union that steal PAYE and GST from the tax payer. Then, they set up all manner of “related party trusts” whilst avoiding taxes also.

    So it’s a very cosy, “related party Ponzi scheme” where Labour bloat the public service with sympathetic “analysts” who give blindly to the union, who in turn with little or no mandate give untold political donations back to the Labour Party as continued support for the employment legislation allowing them to prosper and receive millions from the tax payer for “training”

    I bet the AG would be very, very surprised at what the unions delivered for all the tax payer millions they’ve received, but what exactly has been delivered, beyond more political donations to the Labour Party?

    Whiffy, whiffs, whiffy….

    • StupidDiscus

      what exactly has been delivered, beyond more political donations to the Labour Party?

      completely undermining the few tattered remnants of a once proud capitalist Dominion.

  • Bart67

    And herein lies the central reason why I despise Unions. When they first started, they existed to serve the workers, and safeguard their rights. This is a thoroughly noble cause, and one to which I have no problems in supporting.
    The problem is they have not stuck to their washing.
    Now they are an unashamed political animal, taking money from the working man to get political power through the Labour party. If unions would simply return to a central role of acting as advocates for the workers, then I would happily support them, gleefully even. But this assumption that because you pay union fees you automatically aupport a Labour government is democratic anathema! If that was the case, why bother having an election!

    • StupidDiscus

      serve the workers, and safeguard their rights. This is a thoroughly noble cause

      no it’s not. it is the root of communism, completely antithetical to freedom, indiviual responsibility, and capitalism.

  • Patrick

    Howard Broad turned a blind eye for years to the corrupt election practices of Helen Clarke & the Unions – about time some one barred up & took these law breakers on

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Storm in a teacup Tories. Get on with life.