“He just wanted a house full of kids and the benefit money that brings.”


From the UK, A warning of the dangers of making benefits a life style choice and incentivising breeding on a benefit.

Until 3 months ago Michael Philpott shared his cramped three-bedroom semi-detached home with his wife, mistress and all 11 children he had with both women. He also fathered five other children from two other women.

Philpott and his wife Mairead and are charged with deliberately starting a fire that killed their remaining six Children after the mistress left taking her children and depriving him of the associated benefit money. The motive being to frame his ex girlfriend to get back custody of the children.

The prosecution opened with: “He just wanted a house full of kids and the benefit money that brings.”:

A father killed six of his children in a house fire that was part of a ‘plan’ to frame his former mistress, a court heard yesterday.

Michael Philpott, 56, is accused of hatching a plot to set up Lisa Willis, 28, just hours before he was due to contest her application for custody of their five children in court.

Prosecutor Richard Latham QC said: ‘Michael Philpott did not want to work. He just wanted a house full of kids and the benefit money that brings. 

‘We say this was a plan that went horribly wrong and resulted in total tragedy.’

The petrol-fuelled blaze broke out in the hallway of the home where Philpott lived with wife Mairead, 31, and their own six children – all of whom perished as they slept.

The court heard that until three months before the blaze last May, ‘highly controlling’ Philpott shared his cramped three-bedroom semi-detached home with his wife, mistress and all 11 children he had with both women.

The court heard he also fathered five other children from two other women.

Philpott, his wife, and his friend Paul Mosley, 45, who the court heard had visited the house earlier that evening, are charged with manslaughter of the Philpotts’ children Duwyane, 13, Jade, 10, John, nine, Jack, eight, Jessie, six and Jayden, five, on the basis that they took part in a ‘joint enterprise’ to frame Miss Willis.

The court heard that in the days after the fire, Mosley visited the couple while they were being housed in a hotel by police.

The room had been bugged by police and Philpott watched as his wife performed a sex act on Mosley. Afterwards he praised his wife after acknowledging that she did not want to perform the act.

Mr Latham told the jury they ‘may conclude’ the sexual favour was carried out to keep Mosley ‘onside’.


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  • StupidDiscus

    Who hates bludgers the most? Turns out it’s other bludgers!

    There are almost too many examples to list but the kind of attitudes I heard daily went along these lines: the disabled man thinks it’s wrong the drug user down the road gets methadone. The drug user is outraged that the large family next door gets a spare room and hopes they are hit by bedroom tax. The large family is sick of elderly people getting big houses they don’t need. The elderly woman hopes these large families are forced to stop having kids once the money dries up. On and on it went in a circle, anger constantly directed at other [bludgers]

    On being told of the cuts, one young mum exclaimed “Good! That means her down the road’ll get her money taken away” …

    One of the sentences I regularly heard – and was no less startled by each time – was “We’re not on benefits.” On a daily basis I spoke to people who were in receipt of tax credits, child benefit, ESA, DLA, income support and housing benefit yet still told me matter-of-factly “we don’t claim benefits”.

    When will governments realise the only way to deal with this is just to stop all the benefits?

    • starboard

      They wont ever. Its a vote loser.

      • cows4me

        Not only is it a vote loser starboard it’s also a loss of control. Liberal governments the world over believe they hold all the answers and as such should have ultimate control over their citizens. A government that promotes self responsibility has little hope of ever subjugating citizens as the population realises they don’t need someone or some political movement to organise their lives. Welfare has more to do with control rather then the bullshit they spout about caring and extending the hand up, it’s all based on lies.

    • Patrick

      Maybe when they stp being referred to as “entitlements” – WTF when did scrounging off the taxpayer to layabout doing nothing become an entitlement?

  • 4077th

    Twin brother?

    • blokeintakapuna

      I thought that too. The bludger in the photo could be Parsloe’s brother…

      Birds of a feather do actually flock together…

      • 4077th

        Precisely BIT. the likeness in uncanny and is topped off with the both of them being commie pinko bludgers

  • Patrick

    The welfare state at its’ finest.

  • SJ00

    One thing I’ve noticed from other UK cases, including the dickhead that killed that young kiwi girl (whose name escapes me), is that the Police get in there quickly and bug the family to record what they do and say. Brilliant. Imagine if they did that here with the Kahui’s.. put them up in a motel and listen in.

    • StupidDiscus

      Cops. Glocks. Problem solved.

      One police bug: $250.

      30 9mm rounds: $20

      That’s not even counting the staff time just to listen to what the bugs produce.

    • Patrick

      They would require a translator from “gruntish” to English.


  • Time For Accountability

    His photo seems to resemble a NZ Union person.

    • Time For Accountability

      Opps 4007th beat me to it

      • 4077th

        Easy to see isn’t it

  • GregM

    Once again innocent children pay the ultimate price for their fucked up “parents”.
    R.I.P kids.