He shoots… He SCORES!! Oh no he didn’t.

Harry Truman

With the Supereme Court ruling on the Maori Council complaint about water rights at 3 pm today, I was keeping an eye on Twitter to see what would happen.

This may be a “media” belt-way issue, but it was hilarious.

We had idiots calling it too early  


and then having to correct the previous obviously unbiased and balanced view


We had a “decent journalist, trained and skilled“, going all cry baby because the decision was Tweeted out of the court before he was allowed to do so


Of course, other “decent journalists, trained and skilled” got the story wrong


All that of course just shows the either inherent bias, or wishful thinking on the part of media  who seem to be more about fabricating and being the news than reporting the news.

None made more of an arse of themselves than Duncan Garner who tragically relied on the wrong twitterings of fellow journalsists and launched into a happy dance on radio about how this was the best thing for New Zealand and that the government’s asset sales programme was now in tatters….wrong, wrong, wrong.

Here is what has really happened:

The Government’s partial sale of state owned power companies is able to proceed after the Supreme Court dismissed an appeal lodged by the Maori Council.

The Maori Council sought to delay the sale of shares in Mighty River Power until issues over water rights were resolved.

In today’s ruling, heard before a packed courtroom, Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias said the court was unanimous on all issues.

The mainstream media spectacularly failed today…the Maori Council was given the arse card and the government can now proceed without any more distractions from mendicant maori with their hands out.


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  • Blue Tim

    Funny as listening to the delight then subsequent flattening of Garner

    • I’m shattered that I missed it Blue Tim. The sound of Garner eating humble pie whilst choking back the pinko tears would have been just wonderful.

      • Steve R

        It was gold. Especially after his rants about the min wage increase yesterday

        • blokeintakapuna

          any idea on where we might be able to hear it again?

  • Joe Bloggs

    Dear Adam and David

    given your leading roles in the fourth estate as paragons of media professionalism, and decent people, trained and skilled, doncha think it’s time you started applying your skills, and stopped bringing the whole “profession” into disrepute?

    Yours sincerely

    … as for Bummer Bradbury? Stick to real estate boy. You’re not a churnalist’s arsehole – not even David Fisher’s.

  • Robust

    What is really tragic is that I am no longer surprised by their level of professionalism.

    • Bunswalla

      I’m surprised that you believe there’s a level of professionalism, no matter how low. It’s no longer surprising to see their level of incompetence.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Puff Pastry Duncan Garner will be eating more pies now out of frustration…..he is a waste of time lefty nonsense

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I love it when Duncan Weed Gardner bites the dust :-) priceless…..

  • tarkwin

    Hahahahahahaha suck on that bomb boy and Garner.

  • Maori Council given the arse card. A great day for New Zealand.

    • BJ

      Yes a momentous occasion – let it be the first of many

  • Morrissey

    The bloke from the Herald got a prediction wrong again? Maybe he was advised by the brilliant and respected rugby writer Wynne “Sensible” Gray, who on Saturday October 30th, 1999, made what was probably the dumbest forecast in sports history.

  • Michael

    heh. The End by the Doors… Jim wrote that about breaking up with a girlfriend. What’s the b00ber on about. Was his search on youtube limited only the title in a half arsed attempt to be witty?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Where are the Taniwha going to live now that Moari don’t own the water?
    Can we charge Moari and Taniwha for using the New Zealander’s water?

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Don’t be so happy Mr Steve. Wait for them to start the fight on airwaves and Norman declaring a “Air Tax” on rich pricks.

      • Simo

        Love your comment but was 850GHZ was around in 1840? Thats a runner eh!

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Hmmm. let me change my argument, every frequency passes through air and we owned the air even before 1840.So pay us now bros. Sheep will agree and Norman will bring in the law.

  • Anyone with a basic understanding of law and constitution in NZ would have expected the Crown would win 5-0. Parliament always overrules the Courts, unless Parliament erred in law.

    • parorchestia

      And even then the Government can change the law – HelonWheels (must-get-to-the-rugby) did that as did Piggy re Samoan citizenship (mind you, the Privy Council’s ruling was daft and wrong in law and Piggy’s law change was right and proper).

  • Hazards001