Helen Clark does her Reddit AMA


As mentioned a few days ago, Helen Clark was scheduled for a Reddit AMA at 5 am today.  It’s all done and dusted, and can be found here.

Every AMA has an introduction explaining what the AMA is roughly about, and some proof that it really is the person you’re talking to:

Dear Redditors,

In two days I will attend the conference “Making the MDGs Work: From Advocacy through Implementation to Acceleration and beyond” in Bogotá, Colombia (event page: http://ow.ly/i1xRF ). There, I will speak on the development agenda post-2015 and on what comes after the Millennium Development Goals which will expire in two years.

I’m looking forward to your questions on this topic and on anything else you may want to know! I will begin answering them at 11AM EST for approximately an hour.

EDIT 12:13PM Thanks everyone – must fly. Tonnes of questions! Very stimulating. Let’s do it again some time. Thanks for your interest in development (and New Zealand!). Spread the word about the MDGs and the importance of speeding up progress over the next 1,000 days! Follow our big MDG conference in Bogota – on Twitter #MDGs2013 and http://www.undp.org/live! Over and out!

Proof it’s me: http://ow.ly/i1uCf More: http://ow.ly/hYgRI

“Making the MDGs Work: From Advocacy through Implementation to Acceleration and beyond”.


A few of the more popular questions/answers (as voted by the readers) are:  

Helen, I heard you were instrumental in getting Paul holmes his knight-hood before he passed. Under your government they abollished the titles all together and you were a real advocate for becoming a republic. Why did you push so hard when you were morally against the titles in the first place?

Greetings all! Kia ora, Kiwis! IN NZ everyone knows I don’y agree with knighthoods – my government abolished them. But I do think the late Paul Holmes was worthy of a top honour.

When/where do you draw the line between a humanitarian aid-setting and the development stage?

Let’s see the humanitarian-development interface as a spectrum. In the context of conflict and disaster, people need food, water, shelter, and medicine. But, as soon as possible, early recovery leading to development needs to begin. Building resilience to future crisis and/or disaster is an agenda humanitarian and development actors can unite around.

As the former Prime Minister of New Zealand what are your thoughts on Kim Dotcom and the whole Megaupload mess?

While you can ask anything – don’t expect me to dive back into Kiwi political debates! Been there, done that!


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  • blokeintakapuna

    No wedding ring? Not that I’m showing any interest… Just sayin’

    • Patrick

      Apparently she married Peter for reasons of political expediency – that being the case if she held true to her beliefs she should now divorce him, shouldn’t she?

      • John.Doe

        As she demonstarted with her anser to the Paul Holmes question, her beliefs and standards are disposable and dont stand in the way of what she wants. Same thing with Peter and the sham…….

      • williamabong

        perhaps Peter should divorce her, FFS that thing gets uglier by the day, if my dog was that ugly I would shave the hair off it’s arse and walk it backwards.

    • Bunswalla

      Oh, sorry, that was the photo for my internet dating profile (heavily photoshopped)

  • Refn8tor

    Does it say who drew her sign for her or is she claiming it as her own work?

    • williamabong

      She missed the “and I’m a rug muncher” line off the painting.

      • Patrick

        Probably thought it was obvious – kinda like “sticking out like dogs balls”

  • GregM

    I’m trying to have a coffee, take it away.

  • ConwayCaptain

    No questions about Peter

  • TeacherUnionsRscum

    Hi Helen,

    Could you remind the teachers unions that you closed more schools under your watch then JK has?


    • StupidDiscus

      And that is a bad thing precisely how? Or rather: it certainly is a bad thing that Smile’n’Wave the State School Kid hasn’t taken the axe to any state schools!

  • Patrick

    She did not draw that picture

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Does anybody care? Dictator is history folks. Now the formidable force is Sheep Shearer who is storming the political scene with his strong shadow cabinet line up and innovative polices.

    • parorchestia

      By kicking out the ChCh members from Cabinet he has probably ensured the retention by National of the critical ChCh seats that were so instrumental in National’s wins of late. Woolly thinking on his part, methinks. Let him lead his little flock to the slaughter.

    • Sooty

      yeah Right

  • Blair Mulholland

    I was already having a bad day, now not only did I have to put up with Michelle Obama ruining the Oscars, I have to put up with looking at THAT face and that horrid smile again. Mummy, make the bad women go away!

  • Joe Bloggs

    WTF is with the sign??? Shades of those maudlin “Love is…” cartoons from the ’70’s…

    Love is… never having to say sorry to the country I fucked over to get this cushy role in the UN

  • John1234

    Riiiight. Ask me anything … as long as it doesn’t include NZ politics?

    I missed it, but did anyone ask her if she’s a closet dyke and her marriage was a political sham? Ok, maybe that’s a bit unfair and I withdraw that hypothetical question.

    Did anyone ask her if she exploited her last term as PM by aligning policy with the UN in order to get a job there?

  • cows4me

    “lets see the humanitarian-development interface as a spectrum”, translation : I don’t have a fucking clue what I’m talking about as long you think I do.

    • Hazards001

      Took the words right out of my mouth…more or less..
      I was actually going to say…
      I don’t have a fucking clue what I’m you’re talking about Helen but sounds like gooblygook to me wtf is “lets see the humanitarian-development interface as a spectrum”?

      Sounds a bit rainbowish really

  • surfisup

    Just ruined my day seeing that awful woman again.

  • starboard

    jesus christ shes fuckin ugly…got a face like a twisted sandshoe , seen a better head on a boil . You’re a mongrel klarkula…

  • Lion_ess

    Should have been a priest with her multiple rule sets – those for her and those for everyone else. Funny how those who pertain to be “closest to the ordinary man”, live far-from-ordinary lives themselves. Another hypocrite.

  • Did any of the NZ MSM report on this, especially how she seems to have lost all interest in nz.