Helen Clark to do a Reddit “AMA” early Tuesday

via: Reddit

via: Reddit

A celebrity “AMA” is an Ask Me Anything session run on the Reddit Web site.  The idea is that people of note, celebrities if you will, come along and the people can ask that person any question directly.  There is no filtering, there is no PR person doing the answering on behalf of him/her, and so on.

It started out when people on Reddit (Redditors) would ask each other anything, and this still happens every day: “IAMA a prison guard in a maximum security prison, AMA”.  (IAMA = I am a).  Or “IAMA 15 year old male with Aspergers Syndrome AMA”. And so on.

After some time, the odd celebrity would pop in, and this proved a lot of fun.  These days, it’s part of the PR circuit to publicise a book, movie, or cause du jour.  Having lost its purity, the AMA is still attractive because many times the ‘celeb’ really does sit there and answer the questions of  anyone.

The attraction of a crowd having direct access to the person being interviewed is what continues to make the Reddit AMA a very popular event to participate in.  Recent high profile AMAs included Barack Obama and Bill Gates.

Which brings us to Helen Clark.  

Why someone at the UN would think that anyone on Reddit would have the slightest interest in her or her job when compared to, say, “I Was in a Month-Long Coma and Died 3 Times AMA”, remains to be seen, but the fact is that she will be there.

Helen may want to take note of this

11. What makes a good IAmA?
Thoroughness: users appreciate it when submitters take the time to answer questions with thoughtful and informative answers. One-word answers tell us very little about you

Quantity: Many different users will have questions, so hopefully you will be able to answer many of them.

Related to 1 and 2, Time: to answer lots of questions thoroughly, you will probably need a good amount of time. Your time need not be uninterrupted; you can take a break and do other things, then come back to the AMA. We recommend at the very least, one hour to answer questions.

Choosing Questions: Reddit has votes for a reason; if a question makes it to the top of your post, it is because many users want to see the answer to that question. [You] are under no obligation to answer a question that they don’t want to, but users will really enjoy it if you take their votes into account and focus on the questions that have been most upvoted.

Some questions already being considered by those on Reddit include

  • Helen, I heard you were instrumental in getting Paul his knight-hood before he passed. Under your government they abollished the titles all together and you were a real advocate for becoming a republic. Why did you push so hard when you were morally against the titles in the first place?
  • Questions regarding her sexuality or teeth.
  • What’s her favorite thing about NOT being the PM?

Some feel the 5am NZ time slot is deliberate to keep people like me, and my Army, from making things too uncomfortable, or perhaps even a total backfire.

If you want to join in, head to Reddit and register an account.  It’s anonymous and free.  Then on the morning, go here to find the Helen Clark AMA.

I know I’ll be setting my alarm early for Tuesday morning!


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  • Mitch82

    Questions regarding the sexuality OF her teeth.

  • thor42

    Dear Clarkbeast – why did you and Michael Cullen commit economic sabotage against New Zealand?

    Dear Clarkbeast – are you a licker? (lesbian).

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Well this is a nation of suckers who voted for her in 1999 tax increases believing in her restoration of social justice message.

  • Time For Accountability

    Explain if Peter was assisted home from the usa

  • maninblack

    Dear Helen,
    How did you think working for families could be good for a country.

  • williamabong

    Dear Helen, Why did try to deceive the nation with “your” painting ?, Did you realy not know how fast you were going to get from Timaru to ChCh airport ?, why is Peter your “husband” not allowed back into the US ?,
    Just the answers to these three will do for this session, I’m sure we can think of some others for the next “candid” interview.

  • Patrick

    Helen, do you think you could ever bring yourself to apologise for the damage your economic policies & social engineering caused to NZ?

  • Helen, is this the right time to admit you didn’t leave, but you were, in fact, thrown out?

  • Steve R

    Ms Clark , when can we hook up .

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Helen Clarke and David Sheep Shearer – Best Prime Ministers in NZ history

  • Ms Clark – for all the millions of dollars you are responsible for spending… what good has it done?

  • Callum

    Why did you stand in an electorate in 2008 and then abandon it and force a by-election when you party lost? Why did you break a contract with those that voted for you to represent them for 3 years?

  • Agent BallSack

    where the ‘duck face’ began ^^