Helen Kelly needs to go to France to learn how to run a proper union


Michael Allan McCrae and mining.com reports

An American tire company CEO blasted French productivity when he explained why his company would not be taking over a Goodyear plant in [France].

In a letter dated Feb. 8 to a government minister, Titan International’s Chairman and CEO took the [French] government to task for regulations that would make running the plant—in the CEO’s words—”crazy”.  

Strap yourself in.  Helen, take note:

He wrote

Goodyear tried for over four years to save part of the [French] jobs that are some of the highest paid, but the French unions and French government did nothing but talk.

I have visited that factory a couple of times.

The French workforce gets paid high wages but works only three hours.

They get one hour for breaks and lunch, talk for three, and work for three.

I told this to the French union workers to their faces.

They told me that’s the French way!

Strong unions and more than a living wage.  Come on Helen, start providing some value to your members.  Time to start looking critically at your own performance!


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  • blokeintakapuna

    The rugby cheating frogs even had a “best seller” book by a public servant on how to avoid even having to do 35 hours. This socialist was proud she was able to do the barest minimum to scrape by in her job to avoid being sacked. Hr book detailed how to get away with actively shirking work… And it became a best seller in France. Go figure!

    Such a piss poor attitude clearly defined her as either someone being paid by the hour, or a Public servant in an over-bloated bureaucracy, or perhaps both.

    It’s a wonder France isn’t more like the PIGS… Or are they the lipstick part to the pig?

    • StupidDiscus

      But France is just like the PIGS. Oops.

      And NZ is rather worse than France. Double Oops.

  • Fred

    Rabbits, Possums, Gorse and Unions all need to be eradicated to ensure increased productivity for NZ Inc

  • A=random=reader

    I quite liked the cutting reply that came back from the French Minister Arnoud Montebourg.

    Here’s an excerpt (translated from the original French):

    “Can I remind you that Titan, the business you run, is 20 times smaller than Michelin, the French (tyre) technology leader with international influence, and 35 times less profitable”

    “This just shows the extent to which Titan could have learned and gained, enormously, from a presence in France.”

    • StupidDiscus

      Which part of “in five years Michelin won’t be making tyres in France” don’t you understand. If you’re being paid more than €1 per hour, you’re overpaid.