Helensville School Harlem Shake

Heard of the Harlem Shake?

Here is the original that started it all:

It was on the news the other day as various versions pop up worldwide…some now exceeding the original in views…even Stuff did a video…and this is Helensville School’s Harlem Shake: 


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  • CP

    Is that a student in their underwear on the right? Funny but I wouldn’t be happy if it was my child up on YouTube without my permission. What’s the policy with this sort of thing?

    • Pretty sure all the parents gave permission. But then there is always one whinging, whining person out there all set to poo finger someone isn’t there.

      • It will unnecessarily arouse gays. And before you know it, more children will be molested. Just because of this video. What have you done?

    • Could be swimming trunks… but then someone like you would have people in burkas….

    • Steve (North Shore)

      So what or who is “CP”
      Classic Pervert?
      sad sad person CP, no life just picky picky Politicaly Correct cork soaker

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