Herald Bombs now infecting Sports section

This morning in the paper on page 30 there was a story about Hamish Rutherford:

Herald cock-up


Hamish Rutherford is a left-hand batsman. The photograph is of Neil Broom; a right-hander. Truth’s award winning sports editor noticed immediately:

After an outcry on Twitter the Herald has now subbed out their image online. Pity about the thousands of papers printed though.

spot the difference


Perhaps the subbies need a lesson:

See this shit


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  • Whafe

    Another sports cock up today was the photo of a sprinter in the start position, then the article was about cycling sprinters…. Tools….

    See what happens when you get bored lying in bed and no comments to read on WOBH, you open up the iPad ap for the shit herald…. Lol

  • I didn’t realise that David Fisher moonlighted as a subbie when he’s not writing puff pieces for KDC or working on the authorised biography…

  • Jimmie

    Is that bottom picture from the Priest – Boy love association?

  • Morrissey

    The Herald’s sports section has been infected by substandard contributors for many years. As an introductory offer, I refer you to the dismal oeuvre of the infamously stupid Wynne “Sensible” Gray.