How appropriate, Labour’s stall operating in ‘Thieves Alley’

David Clark has revealed the inner truth of the Labour party with his ill conceived tweet, either that or he is deliberately taking the piss:

Clark tweet 09022013

Given the news world wide about thieving and corrupt Labour politicians and union officials you would think he would avoid such references.

I wonder if Taito Philip Field is down there helping?


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  • Andrei

    I expect Michael Woodhouse will be there as well, “pressing the flesh” as they say.

    If he isn’t then he is not serious about taking Dunedin North from Labour

  • williamabong

    How appropiate especially after Helen set the standard for them to aspire to.
    Wonder if they were selling high speed rides in ministerial limos and if they had a good sellection of signed “originals” for sale.

  • cows4me

    You would hardly put all those thieving bastards in one alley.