How the PPTA rigs their surveys

This is an email that the PPTA is sending out to people to get them to fill out a survey about Novopay.

No matter if you are unaffected…they don’t care, just fill it out anyway. Another thing to note is that the survey is not secure. I was able to access the results and change them if necessary from the link provided. I have removed the link and redacted part of it to protect the identity of my tipster. I have applied the bold to the text in this email.

From: [] On Behalf Of via
Sent: Wednesday, 27 February 2013
To: [Redacted]
Subject: ppta novopay survey


PPTA is conducting a survey on the impacts of Novopay. We have received a number of requests to email the survey link directly to members.

Even if your own pay has been unaffected it would be helpful if you could complete the survey.

If you have already completed the survey on line over the last few days please ignore this email.

Here is a link to the survey:[REDACTED]

The survey closes at 9 pm on the 5th March.

Please do not forward this message. Members who have not received this email can access the survey through a link on the PPTA website.

Thank you for your participation.


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  • BJ

    So what particular office of officialdom needs to be informed about this blatant dishonesty from a group, that heaven forbid, teaches our children such tricks.

    What’s more, it time Joe Blogs left others their own issues to resolve and stay well away if it does not affect themselves. From what Cam says it looks like they are totally using unaffected members by changing their survey responses to bolster their argument about numbers affected.

    There must be a few charges that could be laid if they intend using this false evidence in court.

    • Joe Bloggs

      oi sunshine, enough of bringing Joe into this!!

      On a more serious note, this kind of vote-rigging is par for the course for the political wing of the PPTA

      Just look at the so-called expert on charter schools – a failed wannabe local body pollie with a chip on her shoulder – flown in from New Orleans by the PPTA to discredit charter schools

      Or that paragon of media professionalism – Kate Shuttleworth – embedded by the PPTA in the NZ Herald to spin the PPTA party lines

      Propagandising left-wing frauds the lot of them

  • TeacherUnionsRscum

    Apparently before National came in there were no problems with payroll, unicorns breezed trough fields of love and understanding

    • Labour in? Never any strikes or labour relations issues. National in? It’s a bun fest. Nothing new there.

      • Crumble

        So the strikes in 2002? Was National in govt then?

        • I was generalising, but ok, I should have thrown in an “almost” to ensure I didn’t get a reply like yours.

          There is a difference between a genuine strike over an issue that was born inside the company and orchestrated industrial action to attempt to destabilise a government, such as the PPTA are trying to achieve with nation-wide campaigns.

          • Crumble

            So fighting to make sure the members of the union are getting paid correctly is an attempt to destabilise the govt?

          • TeacherUnionsRscum

            Ok, so once they start getting paid properly will they fuck off finally?

          • AnonWgtn

            No bloody way.

          • Guest

            As long as National drops its attack on children and education, sure.

          • You’re drifting away from the original point, which is that a union infiltrated Labour Party government is going to have more influence in not having industrial disputes during its term, whereas a National Party government is going to have the additional challenge of Labour Party influence via unions for the same reasons.

            This isn’t news Crumble. I’m merely stating what has happened in the past, and why.

          • Crumble

            I was just responding to your posts.

          • BJ

            Do you really think thats what the unions do? Show me a genuine trustworthy, decent union boss and one might consider that that is their purpose

          • Teachersrock

            You will find that in the last 30 odd years there have been roughly the same number of strikes under Labour and National Governments.

            If you are going to make general claims it might help if they were a little more factual.

          • Ok, practise what you preach. Show me the money.

  • Bunswalla

    It depends on what the survey questions were, and what options for answering them. If the question was asked: Since Novopay went live, how many of your pays have been the correct amount at the correct time? and the options included a) All of them, then it’s reasonable to get all teachers to respond.

    If all the questions were of the “when did you stop beating your wife” variety then I agree that it’s disingenuous if not dishonest to ask all teachers to respond, even if they haven’t been affected.

    • BJ

      Cam said the results can be accessed and changed – never mind what the questions were

      • Two separate issues. Bunswalla refers to Cam’s comment “they don’t care, just fill it out anyway” and also the bit he’s put in bold. If the questions are fair, for example, ‘Have you had a problem with Novopay?’ it would help to bring balance and quantify the problem, as big as some say, or not. It’s unfortunate that having seen the questions, Cam doesn’t tell us. Some would regard that as mischief-making.

  • Patrick

    This is hy the court case where the Union is threatening to sue the Government must go ahead. Time for a bit of sunlight to be shone on the dark arrears of these anti government activists.

    • johnbronkhorst

      OR…could the govt. counter sue the PPTA for hiding and defending child molesting teachers, under the guise of “registered teachers”???

  • AnonWgtn

    Inside the beltway it is said that a conumdrum has arisen in the Novopay report.

    How do you say that a substantial PART of the Novopay debacle is due to the quality of the schools payclerks. Whilst having undergone training on what is a complicated system, they do not have the modern computer skills to undertake the task. This should have been recognised by Novopay that the system is beyond the skills of many inputters.

    One has to bear in mind that many of the wages clerks are retired teachers, and friends of friends, many at their old schools.

    Whilst they may well understand the vaguaries of the Teachers pay scales, with 13 Union Awards and as many as 10,000 permutations, they do not have, nor never will have the skills for the Novopay system. They are still in the manually written “Kalamzoo” system which the were brought up with.

    One of the Unions was complaining that they have had 45? resignations from frustrated pay clerks, and they expect many more, which perhaps proves the point perplexing the Novopay report writers, as under PC condition they cannot blame anybody to do with the teaching industry (It is not a profession as it does not have one representative body – only a gaggle of politically motivated, mainly women, Unionists). Are you aware that the total number of forced members in teaching is greater than all the other unions put together.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Meg/TeachersRock, do you think that this behaviour reasonable? Do you think Charter Schools will do everything they can to disrupt the government based on backroom money dealings like unions do?