I agree with the Green Taliban today


via: advocacy.britannica.com

As you know, I love my meat, and there is absolutely no love lost between me and the Green Taliban, but in this case we find ourselves on the same side of an issue.    

The [Australian] Federal Government has ordered a Japanese whaling vessel to get out of Australia’s exclusive economic zone.

The Shonan Maru Number 2 – a Customs vessel which travels with the whaling fleet – entered the zone off Macquarie Island in the Southern Ocean yesterday afternoon.

Environment Minister Tony Burke said he had made it clear to Japan that vessels associated with the whaling program “are not welcome in in Australia’s exclusive economic zone or territorial sea”.

“Our embassy in Tokyo has conveyed these sentiments directly to the Japanese government,” Mr Burke said in a statement.

The Japs have some cheek to enter Australian territorial waters with their whaling fleet.  And they aren’t leaving the Exclusive Economic Zone:

Former Greens leader Bob Brown, now the mission leader of the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling group, says he believes the vessel has armed Japanese personnel aboard.

“It is accompanying the whaling ships into the killing fields off Antarctica,” he said.

“When the Sea Shepherd ship Bob Barker made contact with the factory ship, this ship tailed Bob Barker and has been doing so for a couple of days.

“The Bob Barker has lost the [factory ship] Nisshin Maru but that was after it was hunted out of the whaling area and this Customs vessel, this government vessel, has kept with the Bob Barker through to Macquarie Island and into Australia’s economic zone waters.”

Mr Brown says the Shonan Maru stopped this morning just outside Australia’s territorial waters.

He says there may be legal arguments about who has control over exclusive economic zones.

“Tokyo has ignored the call from the Federal Government for this part of the whaling fleet not to enter our exclusive economic zone,” he said.

“It’s stayed outside the direct territorial waters but it has not obliged that request and protest from Australia that it should not enter our exclusive economic zone.

What do the Japanese think they’re doing?  This is pretty bad manners, and to some degree an economic  act of war.  It’s probably time the Australian Navy gets a frigate to do some “exercises” in its own waters.

via: navy.mil

via: navy.mil



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  • Unforetunately, an EEZ does not prevent Japanese navigational rights. So the intrusion is a diplomatic issue, rather than an act of war.

    But the Japanese should have known that this is a provocation and avoided it – after all, these sorts of silly bugger type acts can escalate quickly. Remember the Cod War?

    • Hazards001


  • blokeintakapuna

    Yep… Frigate exercise time… And any subs too. How fortuitous it would be should the Aussies somehow accidentally fire off a few torpedo’s into the “customs” boat.

    No tears spilled here…

    • A torpedo into bob barker would be better, they are after all pirates

      • Mr_V4

        And a spare one for Bob Brown too.

  • ConwayCaptain

    During the Cod War when the UK had a large Navy 1/3 of its strength was off Iceland, 1/3 in transit and 1/3 being repaired as they were getting bent in the Atlantic Storms and being rammed by the heavily built Icelandic Patrol vessels.
    The Japanese have the possibility of a shooting war breaking out over the disputed Islands in the S China Sea. The PRC is claiming the rights over all the reefs, islands and shoals in the SCS even though some of these are many many miles from the PRC.

  • J.M

    I don’t have any issues with sustainable whaling, but when it comes to bluefin tuna and the like, the Japs have repeatedly shown they don’t do sustainable.

    Having spent considerable time in Japan however, I do know for a fact that there isn’t actually that much demand for whalemeat, and that the whaling program runs at a considerable loss. The line of Japan ‘those outsiders racistly attacking our culture’ line peddled by whaling supporters around the whaling debate seems to obscure the fact that the whaling program bleeds red ink, and it is the taxpayer picking up the bill.

    • JC

      There’s probably a bit of utu involved here. After WW2 a broke and starving Japan was told by the unsympathetic Allies to go whaling if they wanted to survive.. so thats what they did. Then too, Australia and NZ were suspicious of Japan for decades as the most obvious “Yellow Peril” after the WW2 Darwin attacks and the Japs might be giving us a bit of payback for that by playing in “our” waters.


  • saving whales boarders on tree hugging for me. but…… why is there so little action taken when it happends in an area where it isnt allowed? is there some reason why we dont want to get off side with the japanese? is there a deeper secret we dont know about?

  • Mr_V4

    Of course the problem is NZ/Australia don’t have a big enough navy to defend its own costal waters, let alone the claimed waters of Antarctica.

    • Gazzaw

      More than one way to skin a cat Mr_V. NZ has quite sufficient Orions to conduct some much needed anti-submarine live firing practice in proximity to the whaling fleet. That should deter the whales from getting too close to the Jap harpoons.

  • Exclusive economic zone does not mean territorial of a country. So long as the Japs are not whaling there, there is nothing that they can do. This is empty window dressing.

    The Japs also have innocent passage through territorial waters. Even if we don’t like it, so they could pass through cook straight if they felt like it to get to Antarctica (so for that matter could a US nuclear armed or propelled warship)

    But explaining is losing so.

    “Green Taliban does not understand the law of the Sea!”

    • tas

      Territorial waters extend 22km from the shore—which is also the width of Cook Strait at its narrowest. So the NZ govt can ban ships from passing through.

  • Ururoa

    Posturing for the nationalists/blackshirts back home me thinks; this kind of action will become more common from Japan as the new Abe Govt. has some very hardcore nationalist policies and a stated aim for Japan to “stand up” internationally.

    Send an Orion over with the contents of a couple of septic tanks and unload that on them.

  • Hans

    Japan might want to be careful here. Who knows who’s help they may need if they tangle with China over the islands…

  • worksux

    We should just give the Japs a ring when a pod of pilot whales wash up on a beach,Win win for everyone.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Still don’t get what all the fuss is about. More Whales die from other causes like, whole pods beaching themselves and being run over by big ships, than the Japanese could ever hope to catch.