I bet she is registe… it’s a never-ending stream

Stuff reports

A school deputy principal who pawned a school laptop to fuel her gambling addiction has been censured by the Teachers Council.

The intermediate school teacher, who was not named in the decision, blamed her gambling addiction and grief over the death of her father for the 2008 theft.

The unidentified school did not know she had pawned off the laptop for money until two years later when she was asked to return it for IT purposes.

She then lied to her principal, saying the laptop had been stolen from her car.

Gambling, stealing, lying to an employer about theft and gambling, it’s another high quality teacher protected by the PPTA and the Teachers Council to continue her gambling fueled rampage.  

“It was an easy way to get money to fuel my gambling addiction and even though I knew it was wrong, the temptation was too great,” she said in her letter, contained in the recently released committee decision.

“Since then, I have continued to gamble regularly. My father passed away and to cope with this, I turned to heavy gambling, losing total control again.

“I understand I have taken money away from the school and ultimately the children I teach.”

She resigned as DP, but she still wants to teach.  After all, she’s still got a gambling problem to fuel.

“I hope that I get the opportunity to continue as a teacher and to prove that I am trustworthy and reliable.”

How do you know an addict is lying?  He/she is  talking.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    The Teachers Council doesn’t need all the “authority” it has been granted – no doubt by a Labour government too – disband them and make ALL teachers accountable to the public. Featherbedding and sheltering teachers that elect to break the law is morally corrupt and ethically the teachers need to be seen to be doing.

    If the MUNZ / PoAL fiasco the unions invented wasn’t enough for National to cull off the Unions, then this surely has to be another stinking, self interested bit of corrupt underhandedness once again by Labour as a political sop to their union buddies.

    I can hear them now in the seedy back rooms doing deals ” yeah thanks for the votes and political marches you had the public service organise. Once we get back to being in control of the purse strings, we’ll give you more millions for “training” and you can make sure our “donations” to the Party are just as large as last time eh!”

  • Pissedoffyouth

    in this case, Teachers don’t rock.

  • Captain Crab

    Is there a shortage of Teachers? No? then the sack and out of the profession should be the result. Our Teachers should have higher standards than this to be worthy of teaching our children. Fuck, even a real estate salesman would get the arse for that! Teachers? Nah.Doesnt happen.
    Its a disgrace.

  • cows4me

    Perhaps the teacher can run the recreation period, you know, they can learn games like blackjack, poker or make an in depth study of the Friday Flash.

  • Zorro

    There’s even worse – the Government is covering for a judge who committed fraud. This is stunning. http://turiteadocuments.wordpress.com/turitea-wind-farm-documents/

  • Phar Lap

    For every teachers job or vacancy,there are at least forty applicants.

  • Callum

    So how did she do her job effectively without the laptops they all so desperately need at taxpayer cost?

    • Patrick

      hmmmmm – let me think, maybe she doesn’t give a hoot about the students as she is so wrapped up in her own self absorbant pathetic excuses. HTFU you weak as piss cow, do the job you are employed to do.