I can understand the anguish

Imagine you have paid for a business class fare, full whack, and then the airline upgrade some pleb from down the back…and plonks them beside you. People sitting next to you in aircraft is bad enough but when they are horrid and only there because of an upgrade, well that is just beyond the pale:

An unruly passenger got angry when a fellow traveler was moved to a premium seat without having to pay because the person’s in-flight TV was broken.

A 42-year-old woman aboard a JetBlue flight from New York’s JFK bound for San Diego became physical with a flight attendant over the injustice, forcing the plane to be diverted to Denver around 7:15pm on Thursday.

JetBlue says after Flight 185 landed in Denver, the woman was met by law-enforcement officers.

The airline says 137 passengers were on board and they were back on their way several hours later. 

Passengers tell KMGH-TV the woman was seated in seat 2D, in the premium section, when another passenger was moved to the same row because his TV monitor didn’t work.

According to witnesses, the woman became angry that the man was moved to her premium section without paying extra and she got into an argument with the flight crew that became physical.

Law enforcement said she became ‘volatile and was interfering with the flight crew.’

A federal air marshal intervened and the flight was diverted.

Denver police say they aren’t pursuing charges.

Of course she could have paid for the seat next to her so no ferals, or smelly peasants couldn’t sit there.


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  • Stupid cow. I remember a male passenger who had been upgraded to business class at no cost to him complaining about me and my baby and toddler being in Business class. We were moving to Melbourne to live at that time. My son was quietly playing with blocks and my daughter was sleeping. The man spoke loudly so that the whole cabin could hear. The air hostess bless her heart responded in an equally loud voice. I understand your concern Sir she said. However since this Lady and her children have paid for Business Class and you have not, perhaps we should return you to your old seat.

    • Cadwallader

      The one and only Fran Wilde the pretentious socialist cow was upgraded to a business class seat next to me on a flight to Perth a few years ago. She complained that her partner, also on a freebie couldn’t be seated beside her (ie move me!) instead of being across the aisle. The hostess asked if I’d mind moving despite being an hour into the flight. I refused to move and was subject to continual snide criticisms from Ms Wilde and her partner for the rest of the flight. My point was that it was time leftie wenches of her ilk learn that when you actually pay for something with money earned legitimately you have every right to be accorded preferences.

  • Mr_V4

    These stories illustrate the pettiness of humanity. FFS it’s JetBlue whose biggest plane is an A320. You’ll find most who are flying ‘business class’ on those are doing it because they’re too fat for the economy size seats.

    • Cadwallader

      The flight I refer to above was on an aging 767 and I am not fat. Ms Wilde’s butt contours need to be seen to be believed though.

  • StupidDisqus

    Upgrades are just ways bludgers, civil servants, etc, get privileges they do not deserve. Business & First class seats should only be for those who have paid for ’em and those whose income, property & education fits them to behave (I.e no lotto “winners” either!)

    • Gazzaw

      Journalists have the worst reputation in the airline/travel industry for bludging upgrades, general freeloading and their arrogant behavour. Classic example just last week in the Horrid when one of their journos wrote about scabbing a ride on Emirates with a bunch of fellow journos and they ended up in Business Class. For those not in the know Emirates A380s have a bar area for Business Class passengers & much was said about the volumes of booze that they managed to put away while flying the Tasman. Couldn’t help but think about the Emirates paying passengers who would have paid around $800 one way for the dubious privilege of sharing their space.

    • kehua

      Stupid Cunt.

    • Contractor

      Willie Apiata gets the odd upgrade mate. At the time he was a civil servant, and sure as shit his “income, property & education” aren’t up to your self appointed level. Is he a bludger? I would suggest the likes of Willie (yep civil servant and all) would have more deserved ness in his little finger through his behaviors than a cock like yourself. That’s why people like him are respected, unlike cocks like yourself. I would suggest you wouldn’t have the balls to explain to him yourself why he doesn’t deserve an upgrade would you.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Stupid Muppett, the TAX payer pays for there upgrades. And they no longer like to be referred to as Servants.

    • Pharmachick

      Actually, I get the odd upgrade on United because last year I flew 75,000 miles int he air. (Yes I did, that does not include any “bonus” miles etc … it is the actual # of miles I flew). United calls me a “platinum” traveller, Star Alliance (Air NZ etc) still call me “Star Gold”. Go figure the $$ costs of flying that many air miles, then tell me I didn’t “deserve” that consideration from the airline on which I flew them all, and paid for them all. Of course, I’m always thoroughly grateful for any such consideration, I weigh less than 60 Kg (no oozing) and I try not to bother my fellow travelers (whether I’m in Intl. 1st, Intl. business, North American “first” (LOL), premium economy or just simple economy. Basic human decency alway applies – and most especially when a couple hundred people are stuck in a flying tin can for a few hours.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    This is why I really like Air New Zealand’s herringbone layout … no neighbours,

  • peterwn

    I don’t get the point. If the upgraded passenger was behaving himself (which he presumably was), the woman had nothing to complain about. I think her problems were she thought the adjacent seat was going to remain empty, and that she had a drink too many. Actually, I thought upgrades nowadays were on merit, ie very frequent flyers.

    • Mr_Blobby

      I am a frequent flyer and because I am paying for the ticket myself I always fly economy. The days of Upgrades for frequent flyers are long gone. To many others who have there tickets paid for by some one else gets there first. I just can’t justify paying twice the fare for a little more perceived comfort.

  • Blair Mulholland

    Anybody stupid enough to pay for business class deserves what they get.