I think it was meant as an insult, doubt it was taken that way

Kate Chapman and some useless Fairfax failed blogger have analysed the MPs dress sense. It is quite?humorous. Especially the comments about Ruth Dyson.

Williams? verdict? Middle-aged housewife. ???Those high-necked jackets she wears make her top half look heavier than it is. One and two-button jackets will leave the chest area open and break up the width of her body.??

Yeah…about that…the top looks pretty heavy from where I am looking at it. Dyson of course is the top pick for worst dressed MP…ther eis nothing you can do about her width…save stand next to Caropotamus Beaumont.?

They have a crack at Jami-lee Ross too:

We think he overcompensates for being one of Parliament?s younger MPs by sporting the older man?s favourite, the pinstripe suit.

Williams: ??Many men make the mistake of thinking pinstripe suits are smart. In actual fact they are categorised under ?monopoly men?, ?mobster? or ?sleaze ball?. Solid colour suits are much more elegant.??

Newsflash sweetie, he is Parliament’s Youngest MP. Pretty sure Jami-lee is practising his mafia don lines right now…he will certainly be laughing at this review.

Murray McCully gets a shellacking though:

A?political opponent once described him as looking like he?d been left out overnight in the rain. All that international schmoozing hasn?t smartened him up any.

Williams: ??Did you know it only costs about $50 to take your suit to the tailor and get it fitted properly? Amazing.??