I’ll bet she was registered too, yet another dodgy teacher busted

The teacher unions oppose almost everything, but they especially oppose charter schools on the basis that the teachers won’t have to be registered. Apparently that means that the teachers will be of a lower quality, or put the kids at risk.

I imagine this woman was registered as a high quality and safe teacher, when she committed fraud:

The president of a rowing club at a top Auckland school said it came close to liquidation after a teacher stole $40,000.

Former Takapuna Grammar teacher Nova Camp, 54, was sentenced to seven months and two weeks’ home detention when she appeared at the North Shore District Court today.

She had earlier pleaded guilty to three representative charges of using a document to obtain a pecuniary advantage. 

Camp was also ordered to carry out 200 hours of community work and to repay the $40,398.44 she stole while treasurer of the club at $80 a fortnight.

It will take her more than 19 years.

Takapuna Grammar Rowing Club president Russell Malone said the money Camp stole could have bought four new boats.

“We did have to consider putting [the club] into liquidation. It was such a big impact,” he said.

Seriously! 19 years…that is ridiculous, yet another soft judge failing to adequately punish crime.


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  • Cam – what’s the running total of dodgy teachers? Can I ask that you put a counter on subsequent posts to remind us?

  • DavidW

    Haven’t these numpty judges ever heard of the time value of money. She should have been sentenced to taking out a mortgage or personal loan at commercial rates . The Rowing Club would have got all their money back and the bank would ensure it was repaid with interest.

  • TeacherUnionsRscum

    Registration stops things like this

    oh wait

  • kehua

    I Presided over an ouitfit that got ripped for 53K by a crooked Secretary, he is paying it back at 25 dollars a week, it is a joke, a sick joke.

  • GregM