Iran Monkey In Space Died During The Flight

What went up alive, appears to not have come down that way.  In the post-flight press conference, the monkey that went up appears to be different from the one shown to “prove” the success.

via: The Iindependent

via: The Independent

On January 28, Iran captured the world’s attention by sending a monkey into space. The international community largely interpreted this move as a way for Iran to show it is making scientific progress, despite economic sanctions imposed by the West in an effort to impede the development of an Iranian nuclear program.  

The flight was presented by the media in Iran as proof the country has a viable basis the join international  space ambitions.

Iranian media claimed that the country’s space agency had sent the monkey 75 miles (120 km) above the Earth in a Kavoshgar rocket capsule named Pishgam (Pioneer).

Ahmad Vahidi, the Iranian defence minister said of the launch: “This success is the first step towards man conquering the space and it paves the way for other moves”, but added that the process of putting a human into space would be a lengthy one.

He also reassured anyone concerned about the monkey’s well-being that it made it back to earth unharmed saying: “The monkey which was sent in this launch landed safely and alive and this is a big step for our experts and scientists.”

It seems to be Iran’s equivalent of a IMOG (International Media Own Goal), as the photos really don’t seem to back up the claims.


Before and after images of the monkey would appear at first sight to show strikingly different animals.

In the before images, the animal appears to have a large red birthmark over his right eye – which on arrival back on earth appears to have disappeared.

Observers have also pointed out that while photographs and video of the launch of the rocket have been widely distributed, there has been no photographic or other evidence proving that the rocket made it back.


Via: The Independent, The Verge, France 24


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  • Maybe the monkey detoured via the ISS and had cosmetic (or is that cosmic) surgery so it would look its best for touchdown. (credit: Mrs Petal).

  • ConwayCaptain

    Next rocket leaving will be carrying Mr Armoured Dinner Jacket

  • Michael

    Iranian Monkey killed in spaceflight, President safe?

  • cows4me

    Perhaps the Iranians put the pretty She Beast into space and had to replace her with, well you know. I’ve seen the photos, there has to be an explanation.

  • starboard

    RIP monkey