Iran space monkey to fly new Iranian Stealth Fighter F-313


Instead of an arms race, Iran could in fact be gearing up to take on Hollywood.

Hot on the heels of trying to convince the world that Iran achieved monkeyed space flight by swapping in a different monkey after the original perished, Iran is now putting on a big show about their new Stealth Fighter Jet.

One problem:  It appears to be a scale model made of plastic.  

Here is a news report where they try to make you believe it’s actually flying.  Note that in every flying shot, the sound effect is exactly the same.


For a Stealth Fighter, the canopy is too opaque and it looks like it’s made of plastic rather than glass.  It also has a very inconvenient non-stealthy shape to it.


David Cenciotti at The Aviationist writes

Hence, here below you can find all the reasons why we can affirm that Iran’s new stealth plane, at least in the form that was showcased on Feb. 2 during the Ten-Day Dawn ceremonies held in Tehran, is nothing more than a mock-up.

  1. The size of the plane is weird. The cockpit seems to be too small, to such an extent a normal pilot doesn’t properly fit in the ejection seat. Have you ever seen a pilot with his knees above the side borders of the cockpit and his helmet well beyond the ejection seat’s head pad?
  2. The general shape of the plane is interesting, probably the result of many inputs including the X-32, the X-36, the Boeing Bird of Prey. Still, wings with outern section canted downward seem to be a bit too little to sustain the weight of the aircraft, especially the “adveniristic plane” is intended to carry a powerful engine and internal payload
  3. Overall, the plane seems to lack the characteristic rivets, bolts all aircraft, including stealthy ones, feature. Images released so far show it as a plastic-made aircraft
  4. The engine exhaust misses any kind of nozzle. The use of afterburner (or, simply, the engine temperature) would possibly melt the entire structure of the jet
  5. The aircraft sports fixed canards and air intakes a bit too small to feed a modern jet plane’s engine; air intakes resemble those used by modern UCAV designs. They are located above the wing meaning that at high AOA (Angle Of Attack) the intakes would  get turbulent or no air at all for the engine.
  6. The cockpit is too simple: the front panel lacks the typical wirings while it features few instruments of a type you expect to find on small private planes. Some readers have noticed the airspeed indicator is limited to 300 MPH.
  7. The canopy lacks transparency and looks like it is made of plexiglass
  8. The nose and main landing gear seem to unretractable (although the hinge mechanism could be hidden by the door bay). Someone has pointed out the landing gear bays dimensions are such to be unable to accomodate the stowed gear but I found no way to verify this theory
  9. The flying aircraft shown in the video released yesterday is a radio controlled model (but, it looks like Iranian media outlets have already confirmed this).


Looks more like a multi-terrain jet boat.

“Remove Before Flight”.  Heh.

Perhaps it’s time for Weta Workshop to contact Iran and offer their services.  They have to be able to do better than what you’ve seen so far.

Via: The Aviationist, FARS news agency


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  • thor42

    Definitely either –

    a) a fake, or –

    b) **extremely** poorly-designed.

    Look at the top of the bubble-cockpit. It sticks up WAY above the line of the fuselage. Ridiculous.

    I vote for both of the above. An extremely-poorly-designed fake.

  • BJ

    Maybe all the focused publicity is a diversion from what they are really up to

  • Patrick

    no expert but a half decent heat seeking missile will love that red arse – & how come the red flag is in English? Is that the language of choice for Iranian armed services?


    Hey, maybe we can afford a few of these, gotta be cheaper than the real thing.

  • Vlad

    Check out the rippled hand-laid fibreglass, I’d knock back a boat as poorly made as that. They should have signed up Weta workshops and an Auckland boatbuilder.

  • NoVictim

    Thunderbirds are Go!!

    • Timboh

      Yep.Weta would have done in it 3D and the Americans would have been very afraid!

  • manuka416

    New rumour: Iran have a contract to supply these to McDonalds playgrounds worldwide.

  • Moaning Greasy Flyblow

    This is so clearly a pisstake I’m starting to like Mahm-Ahm. Power, money and a self deprecating sense of humour

  • Timboh

    The really scary thing about this constant stream of bullshit is that the target audience is not us but the Iranians. Reminds me of the Iraqi propaganda before the last catastrophe. The Iranians must know that the west sees this as crap but making the locals feel a bit safer is worth the plastic.