Iran’s Department of Defence: 1 guy with Photoshop

Hot on the heels of changing one space faring monkey into another, and launching a brand new stealth fighter jet made of plastic, Iran has been caught out again with another Photoshop Fail

Alexander Abad-Santos at The Atlantic Wire reports

Iran’s homegrown, radar-evading stealth fighter jet is flying the very cinematic skies,?according to state news agency/Iranian propaganda machine Khouz News, as the nation’s defense minister continues to fend off the non-believers as false news/Western propaganda. Well, we’ve got news for him: The only technological miracle in this alleged flight of the Qahar 313 fighter over Mount Damavand is that someone at the Iranian defense ministry appears to have upgraded to Photoshop CS6 since the last copy-and-paste job went viral:


Impressive stuff. ?But is it real? ?

And how do we know it’s Photoshopped? Well, look at this mountain shot?from the stock-image site,?which we found through a Google Image search, then lightened:


An Iranian blogger put 1 and 1 together, and managed to discover that this is yet another attempt by the Iranian Defense Department to out-Hollywood Hollywood.


With all the ridicule that flows internationally, the conclusion is inescapable that these laughable attempts at media manipulation are probably more to convince the people of Iran themselves.

I don’t see the rest of the world losing sleep over it.

Or, as one commenter hinted a few days ago, perhaps we are meant to think they’re incompetent, and there is something much more sinister going on.