Is Patrick a member of the moustache club?

Patrick Lee-lo

Regular readers will have seen the exposure of the union cartel known as the BSC.

They’re under investigation by the Registrar of Incorporated Societies, have tucked members for $20k a year and its boss El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo likes to take extravagant junkets to exotic locations.

One defining thing about El Presidente is his moustache.

Makes me wonder whether he’s involved in the Moustache Club Paris



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  • DLM

    Brilliant. This guy would have to be one of the biggest dickheads around. All is coming undone for this guy and his union mates.

  • Patrick

    Definitely a Peter Plumney Walker type – probably hog tied in the dungeon now getting a thrashing from Madam Sin – & loving it.

  • Dr Wang

    Lie-low is just sporting the standard “Village People” mo – no mystery there.

  • LionKing

    I wonder what he’d look like with a Hitler mo, especially as he’s conducting a mole hunt for the secret “fish gang” . Bet his board are just loving seeing their CEO getting all the wrong attention and lying to his members in his newsletters.