Is Trevor Retiring?

Having ran Labour’s underpants stealing election strategy in 2011 and failing to recover from his biking accident sources inside Labour are saying Trev is going to retire.

David Shearer’s reshuffle almost makes that a certainty. Mallard has been tipped out of the top 20, even though he now has his sport portfolio back. Expect his trips around the countryside to increase substantially.

Two other long-serving Labour MPs – Lianne Dalziel and Trevor Mallard – have been moved out of the top 20 into the unranked portion of the caucus – Labour only ranks its top 20 MPs by number. Mr Mallard has been allocated the Internal Affairs portfolio. 

The front runner to take the seat is Andrew Little who has a lot of union heavies living in the electorate and can bus in a lot more.

The talk around the beltway is that is Little is still bitter at being pulled into a war with Judith Collins at Mallard’s behest and has been making conciliatory noises across the house ever since. Him knifing Mallard for Hutt South would be just revenge.


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  • Pete George

    “Trevor Mallard says he’s not worried about being dumped from Labour’s
    top 20 because he wants to be Speaker after the next election”.

    Last year he said he was mid career.

    (Someone reported Annette King claiming she was mid career today).

    • Time For Accountability

      Someone explain to moonstruck.

      Between jobs does not equate to mid career.

    • Patrick

      One term as Speaker & then a cushy overseas plum job, like Lockwood & that pisscat Jonathon Hunt. The whole place stinks to the high heavens it is so rotten.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Maybe with Mallard about to get the DCM card, he’ll have some time to pop in here so we can help round out his political education…

  • owl

    I totally disagree with you WO. Little is seen as a potential liability going forward. He has some big explaining plus employers as parasites will never go away. plus you overlook the fact he has been kicked out of ACc portfolio the biggest government department with near on 5 billion dollars. he could not manage Collins and gets the wimpy tourism role. What inane union slant can you put on tourism … get mother nature to vote labour. this is a demotion big time. for i disagree with you

    • blokeintakapuna

      I think the “retirement” will only be so he can save some self respect with this announcement. However, since he’s been a card carrying member of labour since 1857….

      Bet he’s really getting up a head of steam now about Little including him for a Crush and Cunliffe for bottling the failed coup.

      He could have been deputy leader behind Cunliffe…. Instead, he gets to inspect Key’s cycle way… Which might help him get around fleecing more poor students for concert tickets…

    • Gazzaw

      Little will be as popular as a pork chop in a synagogue with tourism operators. Unions are an absolute anathema to the tourism industry as it’s not only NZ unions that help wreck your business – read the Aussie airport unions, Spanish air controllers, British airport ‘workers’ & Immigration staff. Add to those NZ unions such as Unite and you can see what a toxic effect they have. A ridiculous appointment.

      • blokeintakapuna

        It was quite a clever ploy by Shearer because Trev will be compared to the Minister that holds the post… And that’s Key… And we all know as we’ve seen in today’s poll, that not even the entire Labour Party, greens and the other detritus combined can get anywhere near Key.

        So putting Trev against Key, will be the political equivalent of lining Trev up against a wall by his own party…

      • Hazards001

        lmao @ Darien Fenton in a Mad Butchers store..I’m shamelessly going to steal that.

        • Gazzaw

          You’re welcome Hazards.

    • owl

      Accept he has got justice but lets be Stephen Frank here..people demand justice not MP s so you can write that portfolio off

    • Time For Accountability

      Thank god he did not get:

      He will be ideally suited to tourism having traveled extensively on his members money.

      Andrew – how did NZEBA Limited incur a loss of $6m.
      Was this excess travel.

  • watch labours approval shoot through the roof. they will wonder why they didnt boot him years ago.

  • J.M

    Who could ever forget this?

  • J.M

    Or this.

  • StupidDiscus

    At least Shearer has the nous to pick an openly partisan speaker as part of a coordinated parliamentary/union/activist/terrorist campaign to destroy the right.

    As some of his leftist mates said: “The ballot box and the Armalite”

    The “Smiling & Waving State House Kid” just keeps on smilin’ & wavin’ & doin’ nuthin’

  • LesleyNZ

    Trevor Mallard wants the speaker’s role if Labour is elected to govt? No way – he is foul-mouthed and was one of the first to use the F word in parliament and has very poor standards and values. And then there is that incident in his office. No – he would be no good at all. Trevor should retire. Labour reshuffle: Mallard eyes Speaker role

    • Troy

      Yup, I thought this was a bit of a joke. He’s the most despised, rude, arrogant piece of shit to have graced the benches of the chamber and no matter how much he would profess to be unbiased, it’s just not in his nature to think that way. He is a product of the age-long social engineered ethos of labour and given his way too long length of time in parliament, that’s not likely to change.

  • Patrick

    Good riddance Mallard, only hope the news is correct, sooner you go the better – you have contributed nothing & taken plenty. My only wish is your replacement has NZ’s needs at heart & not your own or the corrupt socialist policies of your antiquated Labour Party.