Islam and Victoria’s Secret don’t mix: Acid attack leaves girl disfigured

via: The Standard

via: The Standard

A young woman was facially disfigured and almost lost her eyesight in a horrific unprovoked acid attack on the streets of London.

Naomi Oni, 20, was on her way home from work when an unknown attacker dressed in a niqab threw a chemical substance at her leaving the retail assistant with severe burns on her head, neck, arms, legs and body.  

For those of you that don’t know what a niqab is:


These shocking images have now been released by Ms Oni in an appeal for help to catch the attacker whose identity was concealed behind the Muslim women’s dress which completely covers the face apart from the eyes.

Ms Oni, who is employed by Victoria’s Secret at the Westfield Stratford shopping centre, was five minutes from home in Dagenham, east London when she was attacked on December 30.

The 20-year-old was only released from Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford last weekend after spending almost a month receiving skin grafts and specialist treatment in the hospital’s burns unit.

Doctors initially warned Ms Oni that she may not be able to see again and although she can now see out of her left eye she still only has partial vision in her right eye.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said acid attacks were “extremely rare” and that detectives were keeping an “open mind as to the motive.”

That’s the problem, isn’t it?  It could be an old boyfriend, a jealous girlfriend, a dissatisfied client or even a christian or atheist trying to provoke anti-Islam feelings in the community.

One way or another, this is a nasty turn of events.


Via: The Standard, The Independent


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  • Mostly_Harmless

    It must have been a Christian or Atheist trying to make Islam look bad. That’s the most plausible and parsimonious explanation, right?

    • Mitch82

      Who knows.. somebody trying to stir the pot is certainly up there with the best of explanations.

      • Mostly_Harmless

        Of course it is – there have been thousands of cases of Christians and Atheists conducting false flag attacks like this one, but virtually no cases of Muslims doing these kind of crimes for their own religious reasons.

    • Mike

      Of course, because pislam is the religion of peace right? Pislam is the reason the middle east is full of peaceful prosperous countries that the rest of the world looks at with envy.

  • Well parts of English cities already have Islamic morality police patrolling them. Three cheers for multi-culturalism. Fucking backward savages.

    • Tristanb

      The problem isn’t multiculturalism. Asian cultures are generally fine. The problem is Islam.

      • Ururoa

        Bollocks, the problem IS culture. Nowhere in the religion of Islam does it say anything about having to wear a niqab, or subservience of women, or honor killings, or female circumcision etc. These are all cultural concepts that have been layered over Islam and use the religion as a shield.

        • Gazzaw

          You’re absolutely correct Ururoa. It’s only when society allows the extremists to take over Islam that there’s a problem. Take Singapore as an example where there is a very significant Muslim community – a strong government, an effective police force and most importantly formidable society values prevent the growth or the presence of Islam extremist forces. These bastards thrive on PCism and weak government.

        • Tristanb

          The problem is culture. One culture: Islam. Also their religion.

          • Cadwallader

            I agree. But, you need to question how a few races in the Middle East can be so dumb as to lap up this Muslim shit in the first place?

  • Marc Williams

    This is just one of the many reasons why niqabs should be banned in public places in NZ. You can have as many CC cameras as you like, scum will eventually use this as a disguise to hide their activities from authorities. If you don’t like or are offended by the ban, then go and live somewhere where they accept them (Mali sounds good at present).

  • Tom


  • williamabong

    Savages, the only things that seems to mix with Islam are bigotry and violence, best solution would be to round the whole lot up and march them into the sea, let the Koran protect them as drown, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • grumpy

    I dunno……….Islam seems OK to me. As a bloke it has a lot of advantages. None of these shrill hairy feminists, no poofs, nondrunked yobbos, gangs are gone, crime falls due to amputations.

    So, it your a bloke, not a poof, not a crim, it has a lot going for it. The UK has introduced Sharia divorces and Sharia law will soon be allowed in Australia. gillard has welcomes about 30,000 new islamists who have arrive unannounced by boat.

    Can’t see how it can be stopped….

    • Cadwallader

      Mmmmh but would you really like a multitude of mothers-in-law pestering you why you fuck wife number five more frequently than her daughter wife number 4?

    • thor42

      @grumpy – “Can’t see how it can be stopped”.
      Pass a law that legally defines Islam as an “ideology of hate” (which is exactly what it is). Italy is halfway there – they no longer recognise Islam as a religion.

      After you’ve passed that law, ban all immigrants belonging to “ideologies of hate”. Tough luck to Muslims already here who want to bring their family over. *Our* country, not yours.
      Next – demolish all public structures (mosques) belonging to “ideologies of hate”.

      You get the picture. All it takes is a government with balls. A government who *really* knows the true face of Islam.

      • grumpy

        But all the leftie poofs, lezzies and other no hopers, actually want islam (or at least don’t want western covilisation)

        • Mostly_Harmless

          Pretty much the only thing that unites Islam and the Left is their hatred of the West and their determination to destroy it. If they were to succeed, the lefties would find out very quickly just how peaceful their allies are.

  • Hazards001

    Ban the niqab and the burqa for a start. And if the towel heads don’t like it fuck off back to the countries that allow know..Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan…..see how many acid throwing fuckwits try it on a public street where you can be identified by the CCTV cams etc.

  • If we can’t stop these on the basis of womens’ basic human rights then we can stop them the same way I am stopped from wearing a motorbike helmet, hat or cap into a bank. Anything that conceals my face is unacceptable. Wear the bloody awful things in private but in public ban them. They are no different to what the Klu Klux Clan members wore over their faces to hide their identities, same as a bank robber wearing a balaclava.
    hell lets just ban them anyway. If they don’t like it they can move to another country. The French aren’t famous for their courage yet they have banned them and good on them. We don’t allow female circumcision in our country and neither should we allow this. We are a democracy not a totalitarian male dominated state. This is not freedom of religion it is suppression.