It’s OK Gerry, you’re not the only hypocrite

via Game Planet

via Game Planet

Gerry Harvey, the executive chairman of electronics retail chain Harvey Norman, says videogames “screw up” kids’ minds, and that if he could ban “leisure computers”, he would.

“I think one of the great tragedies with youth is that they spend so much time playing games and crap on computers and they’re not outside,” said Harvey in an interview with Australia’s Channel Ten Late News show. “You’re not healthy and it’s a big problem in our society. If I could get rid of computers, all leisure computers for all of Australia I probably would. They can have them at school, but leisure time — no.”   

“We’re talking about kids playing games mostly online and wasting their life away basically playing games online because they’re not getting any physical activity and their minds are screwed up on these games.”

Leisure Computers?  What century is this man in?

Of course, he’s happily taking blood money for himself and his shareholders.

Let’s just be clear about this: Gerry tells you that you should bring your children up better, but he likes being a billionaire so much he’ll sell them all the crap you need to screw up their lives.

Here’s Gerry from about 9 months ago, spying on Harvey Norman staff in Australia.

Via:  Game Planet, Kotaku, Today Tonight


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  • Auto_Immune

    That probably explains why Harvey Norman’s prices for videogames are almost always crap compared to their competitors.

  • Middleagedwhiteguy

    Well, McDonalds does not make kids fat. Eating the crap in huge quantities does. and referring to him as ” the executive chairman of electronics retail chain Harvey Norman” is a bit misleading. Consumer Electronics only makes up a small percentage of the business. Kitchens, Laundry appliances, BBQ’s, Furniture, beds, and small appliances such as coffee machines, and vacuum cleaners take up much more room.

  • I wish these people would provide some evidence, like a peer reviewed study, to back up these statements. Personally I think piss poor parenting and a society that doesn’t like to tell someone they stuffed up is screwing up our kids, but that’s my opinion. Video games are not (and there are peer reviewed studies showing it).

  • Spiker

    Sounds a lot like Sylvester Stallone who thinks guns should be banned but happy to use them in his crap movies.

  • Patrick

    A cock like Dick Smith & Gareth Morgan, made their money & now believe they have the right to lecture others on how to live their lives. If he had a backbone & believed what he says he would withdraw all games, XBoxes etc from his stores – no? Thought not.