January 2013 Blog Stats

Open Parachute has released the latest blog stats.

Once again I have to thank my loyal and growing army of readers…without you all I couldn’t do what I do.

Also thanks to Pete and Travis plus the other support crew who try to keep me sane…I appreciate all your efforts.

Jan blog stats




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  • Travis Poulson

    A major milestone, glad to work with both Cam & Pete, and a huge thanks to all the readers, you guys are awesome.

    • Lion_ess

      Well done – you add a fresh perspective to Whaleoil Beefooked

  • Pissedoffyouth

    But the Herald said David was number 1?

    • pukakidon

      Thats funny I heard that David was number twos.

    • Liberty

      That was for travel blogs :)

  • 1,000,000 has a nice ring to it.

    (Caution: awards ceremony speech ahead)

    Very satisfying to see all the recent work paying off, and the loyalty of “the Whale Army” rewarded. The amount of work that goes into bringing you WOBH is more than most people can imagine. I really don’t understand how Cam did this by himself for so long! I suspect he has an undisclosed twin (wouldn’t that explain a lot?)

    Full credit to Rachel and Stephen from cre8d, who understand their craft very well. The apparently small but significant changes you have been seeing to the layout, have improved all sorts of performance measures across the board.

    Cam has shown a level of trust in Travis and I that’s made it very easy to get the job done. Thanks Cam.

    Travis, people only see a small part of you when you’re flailing about in the comments section. You’re even better than you think you are. Enjoy working with you, and am looking forward to a barn storming 2013.

    Let’s show the other idiots how to run a blog eh?

    If only we had a Sysop, then we could really do some damage…

    Finally, you. Yes you. This blog is interactive. If you haven’t commented before, please consider giving it a go. And don’t forget WOBH thrives when you send us your suggestions for stories, photos you may have taken, or anything else you think might be of interest. Don’t be shy – if you think it’s interesting, chance is, the rest of us will too.

    And the rest of you, the silent readers? Reading Whaleoil may be a guilty pleasure for you. We know you’re there. Thanks for your support.

    • Lion_ess

      What a great blog, exciting times ahead for this media.

    • Patrick

      Yep major improvement has been access via mobile phone. Much improved. Still a bit clunky but that may be down to using Windows 7 Mobile, a fruit phone may render the site much better.

    • Guest2

      Would love to know what the ranking is for most read article each month?

  • Lion_ess

    Cameron, 1,000,000 page views- good on you and your team – you rock!

  • In the meantime, Lynn’s friends are very worried about the effect that this will have on his sys-op sanity…

    Great stuff WO; well done.

  • PM of NZ

    Amazing what chopping off the last few lines on 99% of posts below below a “Read More” can do to your page view counter as punters get hooked, wanting to see the last paragraph or if there is a ‘sus’ picture below the break.