Jemima Khan turns on Assange, gone from ‘admiration to demoralisation’

The worm is turning against Julian Assange, with former backers now publicly coming out against him. Jemima Khan is the first major celebrity to pour scorn on the fantasist, comparing him to L Ron Hubbard:

Jemima Khan became the first celebrity backer of Julian Assange to publicly criticise his decision to jump bail and seek refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

She said his ‘instantaneous rock-star status’ made him feel he was ‘above the law and exempt from criticism’, even likening him to Scientologist L Ron Hubbard.

Nearly eight months after the WikiLeaks founder took up residence in the diplomatic building, Miss Khan, who put up bail money for Assange, laid bare her frustrations at his attempts to dodge extradition to Sweden where he is wanted over rape and sex assault allegations.

She gave an extraordinary insight into how Assange, whose whistleblowing website angered Washington by releasing thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables in 2010, has alienated some of his staunchest allies.

In a reference to fictional spy Jason Bourne, she said: ‘I jokingly asked if Assange was the new Jason Bourne, on the run and persecuted by the state.

‘It would be a tragedy if a man who has done so much good were to end up tolerating only disciples and unwavering devotion, more like an Australian L Ron Hubbard.’

Miss Khan, 39, described how she had previously supported Assange – even after he was arrested over the claims in late 2010.

But the socialite and former wife of cricket star Imran Khan now says that his female accusers have ‘human rights’, too, and that she had gone from “admiration to demoralisation” on the subject of WikiLeaks.

I wonder how long it will be before similar celebrity endorsement deserts the fat German fraudster.


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  • cows4me

    Miss Khan should know better, if an Ozzie gets a free room and food you’ll never get rid of them. I’m sure the Ecuadorians wish they had given him the big A when he showed up at the door.

  • Assange may be a prize cock (hehe), but it would be a shame if this circus is going to overshadow all the good he has done. Likening him to L. Ron Hubbard pretty much means that the monkey hasn’t performed for the media to their satisfaction, so they’ll get their kicks from running him down now.

    • bobby

      Too true. The good he has achieved will be looked back upon in decades to come as an eye opener in terms of what Govts get up to when they think they wont be outed or held to account – if even in public opinion.

      Assange may be odd, but the concept and early running of Wikileaks was genius and his interviews on it usually had well considered arguments in them.

    • SJ00

      Lets not forget that there are 2 woman in Sweden that he [may] have sexually assaulted and he is hiding out to avoid answering those charges. True or not, he isn’t having his day in court to defend himself. To argue that he may get sent to the US once the case is over is a piss poor one. Thats like saying he can’t fly over there because the plane may crash on the way there so lets not take the risk.

      Not really sure he has done any good… publishing secret documents does what? From memory the only person in trouble has been the guy leaking them to WikiLeaks. He is a computer programmer and a convicted hacker. And an alleged rapist. Yip, a model citizen.

  • peterwn

    She says she does not regret putting up part of his bail bond – thinking he was an honourable gentleman and would not jump bail. Those who have put up his bail bond have done their money, and the sureties were ordered to cough up 66% of their promised sureties (another soft-touch judge). They must be feeling pretty sore over his deception.

    • backster

      f only New Zealand still required bonds and sureties before offenders were bailed we would have less repeat offenders while on bail.

      • island time

        Disagree….Its never the offender who fronts with the money – so it would just be an increase on other people losing their money.

        • Mr_Blobby

          Don’t agree at all. Yes people could lose money, but they would have put it up willingly, nothing sorts out family more than owing money to another.

          They will only do it once and be surprisingly co operative with the bail bonds who come looking for the criminal.

          No more fuck you, fuck the Police, don’t know who you are talking about, haven’t seen him for years, not my problem etc.

          When your own assets and cash are on the line it will be more like yes sir, no sir, I have called him, I am meeting him here, at this time, come along with me.

          Especially when the longer it takes to bring them in the more it costs you.

          The court would set the amount and if you could not pay you could borrow the money from a bail bondsman would set the rate based on risk factor and costs for them etc.what it would cost to apprehend a fugitive.

          This would also free up police resources for other duties like catching criminals in the first place.

          • SJ00

            Totally agree.

      • Mr_Blobby

        When you see the shambles and circus at the district court you have to wonder why we don’t have a bail bond system.

  • ConwayCaptain

    The Pillock wants to stand for the Aus Senate. Well he has to walk out the dorr of the Embassy and get to LHR without being arrested by THE YARD

  • Dr Wang

    Silly airhead Jemima – proving again that she is a very slow learner.

  • Get a grip

    Get a grip. She lost her money! hardley an unbiased reaction…..Guess the other celebrities didnt chew the bucks, so no real reason to turn rabid :-)
    But yet another sideshow form MSM who cant seem to get readers.