Just Dreadful – A lesson in how to win in Parliament

I have written an opinion piece at Truth about the debacle that is currently unfolding in parliament under the Speakership of David Carter. It goes some way to answers the calls by some commenters here yesterday for Carter to be even more biased than he is currently exhibiting and offers a contrarian view of what is unfolding.

Lockwood Smith, though pompous, was at least consistent and after a legacy of poor Speakers from Jonathan Hunt to Margaret Wilson was a breath of fresh air.

David Carter is woefully ill-equipped for the role of Speaker and the Labour party knows it.

In one series of questions from Chris Hipkins you can see the demoralising effect of an inept Speaker attempting to protect an inept minister whose answers are filled with hubris.

Check out the body language, watch the video again. The Labour people perk up, National start looking down.

That is how you start to crack the facade of confidence in the house…as soon as you get your opposing team to start hiding, ducking and looking away you are winning. Expect Labour to continue to attack Hekia Parata and to cause problems for David Carter.

Carter is dreadful, he is letting Labour win in parliament, not through his bias, rather than through his ineptness.


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  • Freddie Fleetstreet

    Cast your mind back a few years and then shudder at the thought of Hunt as speaker or even worse the scum list MP Wilson who replaced him. Carter might not be up to much yet but he is still light years ahead of the buffet botherer and the witch who took the privy council off us. And also presided over the electoral fraud, thieving and retrospective legislation to keep Clark out of court.

  • do we have a link to the video yet cam?

  • Liberty

    Cam on this subject I disagree with you. That doesn’t
    happen very oven. Carter is going a sterling
    job. The opposition has a few problems.
    Mostly because they are inept.
    If you want a good example of leadership. Have
    a look at how Carter put Peters in his rightful place yesterday. In fact it was
    a bad day for Peters.. He had just been shredded by Key.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Isn’t the office of the speaker of the house meant to be impartial and unbiased.

    Why would the speaker even attempt “to protect and inept Minister”.

  • Troy

    Well he’s been in the job for only about 2 weeks. If Liabor Party think its ok to dig their hooks into him, they’ll find out sooner than later that its counterproductive. If they want to “get” the Nats they should be able to come up with a better plan than doing it via the speaker. I particularly enjoyed seeing him shut down that dumb bitch Meteria Turei from the toxic Greens this week. The smarmy bitch needs dealing to more often these days in the chamber.

  • J.M

    David Carter needs to start biffing a few people out. Trevor Mallard was an utterly pedantic fuckwit all through question time today.

  • Meg

    It is so amusing to see that, even when being pointed out to them by Whale, the right cannot see how awful and bias Carter is being.

    You can tell he doesn’t want to be there, he has no idea what he is doing, and he cannot get past the fact he is a National guy and will do almost anything to protect National from the opposition.

    • Troy

      Yeah its fantastic Carter is biased… it levels out how biased that dumbfuck bitch Wilson was. Pretty hard also to be unbiased with buckets full of bullshit the opposition puts across. Long may Carter remain Speaker and piss off people like you.

      • Meg

        Naaa, just goes to show that the current National party has very very few people in it of good character.

        Long may Carter remain to be the poster boy of a morally bankrupt government. Who knows, he could end up doing as much damage as the Minister he was protecting yesterday.

        • Troy

          That’s rich talking about morals. What about those two clit licking bitches that conived together for 3 terms and totally fucked the country. Helen and her lover Heather have more to answer for than Carter ever will.

          • Meg

            Putting aside the woman hating vocabulary and lies littered throughout that post Troy, Helen has more moral fiber in her little toe, than all of the National Government put together.

          • Troy

            whats so hateful about clit licking! get over yourself.

          • Meg

            Yes silly me, I should just ignore the woman hating, lie ridden post you made.