Key strikes Refugee deal with Australia

It has been hinted at in advance, the meeting happened on the weekend, and the news is now confirmed:

via SMH

via SMH

We will take 150 boat people off Australia.

Every year.

Julia Gillard and New Zealand prime minister John Key announced the deal on Saturday and said the annual intake of refugees would form part of New Zealand’s annual quota of 750.  

They would replace refugees referred by the United Nations High Commission and be subject to Australia’s offshore processing legislation.

The announcement came after talks in Queenstown, New Zealand today. It mirrors a similar deal done between New Zealand and Australia in 2001 when former prime minister Helen Clark helped end a diplomatic standoff after a boatload of more than 450 refugees sank off Christmas Island. New Zealand agreed to resettle more than 130 of the asylum seekers after they were rescued by the Norwegian freighter, the Tampa.

In return, New Zealand has brokered some other deals under the CER (Closer Economic Relations) agreement.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard appears to have finally made good on her losing Rugby World Cup bet with her New Zealand counterpart John Key.

Key confirmed that Gillard – who appears to have been dragging her heels on honouring the year-old bet – ate an apple over dinner at Queenstown, where the pair are holding their annual bilateral get together.

The two leaders had bet on the outcome of the All Blacks v Wallabies semi final during the Rugby World Cup. The loser had to eat an apple from the winner’s country.

Apples have been a long-standing sore point in the relationship after Australia only recently lifted a decades-old ban on New Zealand apple imports.

Oh, well.

That seems like a fair deal then…


Via:  Sydney Morning Herald


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  • Patrick

    Before you know it, the numbers will be 250 per year, then 350, then 450 etc. I guess each of those 150 originals will be able to bring Mum, Dad, Sister, brother, Uncle, Aunt etc etc. They will all move into some sleepy town somewhere. Then there will be hundreds living there, they will demand that the taxpayer houses them, feeds them, clothes them & entertains them. They will hire a big shot lawyer & sue the taxpayer because they haven’t been supplied with a place of worship, we will be called racist discriminatory bastards & will have to build a mosque & compensate the poor souls.
    When they bring their witchcraft, butchering cattle in the street, genital mutilation etc etc I hope John Key is there to answer the question – “why did you allow this John – you knew how it would turn out?”

    • thor42

      **Spot-on**, Patrick!

    • LesleyNZ

      Not sure if that is true – maybe you could say that about the UN refugees but not necessarily the ones from Oz. They may in fact be a better option for NZ. This deal is going to make very little difference to the total number of refugees in NZ.

      • Patrick

        Sorry I don’t agree, these so called refugees (economic migrants) will arrive in Australia & then get diverted to NZ. They are the one & same people that the UN calls refugees whether they had a stop over in Aus or not. Whether it changes the numbers NZ is obliged to take is not the issue, the issue is as I have set out above, they do not, will not & have no intention of integrating into NZ culture. Their aim is to further their own culture at the expense of what we know as Kiwi values or the Kiwi way of life. If we allow this we will end up replicating the issues that the UK has been subject to for the last 10 or so years. I have spent years living in the UK since the late ’80s & have seen the change & fail to see how it has improved the UK. The Islamic religion at it’s heart cannot & does not accept other religions, they have no intention of living side by side despite what the “soft sell” is portrayed in the media. If you are not a muslim you are an infidel, plain & simple.

        Enoch Powell’s prediction has become a reality in the UK, if we are not careful NZ will end up the same.

    • Richard McGrath

      A solution to the above is to stop them from receiving any public welfare benefits (they could still receive private charitable assistance) until they have been taxpayers for ten years. They should also be required to have a NZ sponsor who will be partly or wholly liable for the result of any criminal acts by the immigrants.

      A problem might arise when their numbers rise to the point where they can vote themselves welfare benefits and place themselves under Sharia law. That can be headed off by having a written constitution that can only be overturned by a 75-80% vote by Parliament, and the effective rule of law that nips Islamic injustices in the bud.

      That said, what’s the bet most of these refugees will march straight off the boat and into a job that NZ-born layabouts won’t take because it might give them blisters on their hands and affect their performance on X-Box.

      • Patrick

        A better solution is tell Australia “don’t make your problem our problem.” For that quite clearly is what Gillard is doing. Highly highly unlikely one of the rust buckets from South Eastern Asia would make it to NZ. If & when it ever happened have a plan ready to deal with the issue – i.e. Air Force chartered plane ready to deliver the economic migrants back to their last port – more than likely Sri Lanka.

        My understanding of the UN convention on seeking refugee status is this has to be sought in the first safe country a refugee arrives at – i.e. an Afghani or Iraqian has clearly travelled through India – as far as I am aware India would be considered a safe place to seek refugee status. Problem with this from the refugee seekers point of view is the welfare benefits are probably somewhat lacking in comparison with those in Australia & New Zealand. Therefore the reason for these people travelling is not to gain refugee status, they are economic migrants & the UN needs to acknowledge as much.

      • StupidDisqus

        A far bigger problem than 150 actually starving Somali refugees

        is the 1,500,000 bludging Kiwis who should be starving in the gutter

        (OK I admit: I’m undercounting, it should more like 3.5 non-nett taxpayers that should be starving!)

  • cows4me

    When you have the lower hand you usually fold. NZ has had the vast proportions of lower hands and has folded on numerous occasions. Call it bullying ,blackmail or what ever you like Aussie holds the flush. This deal is part of something bigger but we will never get the full story. We do as we are told, we are just told in the most polite language.

    • thor42

      Agreed. I am now more keen than ever to get a website up and running that exposes the true face of Islam to New Zealanders. It is nothing like how Muslims or lefties portray it.

  • Will this be John Key’s “Kiwi Rail”?

    • Patrick

      There may not be the immediately apparent financial cost as there was with the $1.5 billion pissed up against the wall with the Toll/Kiwi Rail deal but the long term welfare & social cost of Key’s announcement today will be unquantifiable. There is no upside.

  • Mitch82

    Welcome to South Auckland, fulla’z.

    • Patrick

      I have seen the outcome of fighting between Somali immigrants & the locals in the Capetown shanty towns – my money is on the Somalians every time v our local Pacific Islanders – they will leave them for dead – literally.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    While I am glad that the 750 number will not go higher, boat people are queue jumpers and jump the queue ahead of the genuine refugees. I think Naked Emperor got sucked into this deal. Sheep will stand up against this and cancel this arrangement. Go the Sheep!!!

    • Patrick

      Sheep’s “Mum” aka Hulun will call from the gold plated telephone at UN HQ & tell him what he will do. If he refuses H2 will be dispatched to “realign expectations”

    • Mr_V4

      Ones thing is for sure Sheep will have Mango skins at the ready.

  • Dani

    If the Australians take Hone, fine with me

  • Greg

    At the moment its calm as the Muslim population in NZ is low, with more arriving via boat people (or other means) the number will grow and then they will influence our daily lives, not try but will.
    We have enough problems with the bro’s lets not the latter add to it.

  • steve and monique

    I have first hand knowledge that when these “refugees” land in NZ, they get given a bank account complete with cash in it, we had some arrive a few years back and they each got given $800 in an account, then they get issued with accommodation and the benefit, no one seems to want to come here to work. I could be wrong, but I am sure many of them wouldn’t be suffering as much as NZ citizens currently are. We wouldn’t get the same treatment in their countries i’m sure. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to cause ill feeling towards refugees but I think something is very wrong about not only giving them all this cash, but we are going to continually keep paying out. Don’t we have enough problems with our own people in dire straits? Now NZ is going to be seen as the soft touch just like Australia is and it can’t continue and is certainly not sustainable.

    • Magor

      you should hear the stories from taxi drivers that also have to cart them around – all paid for by the tax payer – in essence totally and utterly ungrateful – it is a bloody disgrace as it is right now.

  • StupidDisqus

    Well the discussion probably went like this:

    Gillard: Key, please take say 150 Somalis
    Key: I don’t really want to, so thanks but no thanks – especially as you’re not constitutionally elected and are about to be wiped out by Tony Abbott
    GIllard: How does “no visa-free entry for Kiwis” sound as a monday morning headline John?

    Key: 150 you say? fine!