Labour dives, Nats climb, TVNZ polls delivers hammer blow for Shearer

I guess the Roy Morgan orgasmic euphoria just ended for the left.

The latest TVNZ/Colmar Brunton poll has delivered bad news to Labour. Colin Craig may as well pack up too, scoring a great big fat doughnut.

I knew there was a poll coming because the Winston and Prosser show kicked off last week. It hasn’t helped them though, and they may have been fed a bum steer on the poll dates.

The first ONE News Colmar Brunton Poll of the year shows a boost for the Government.

National has bounced up five points in the poll to 49%, its highest approval rating in almost a year. 

The last ONE News Colmar Brunton Poll in November had Labour and the Greens in the ascendancy, after a very tough year for the Government.

But after summer months it seems voters have drifted back to National, and in particular to Prime MInister John Key.

Key kicked off 2013, with what some said was “a junket” to Antarctica, with his wife.

But behind holiday smiles during the trip, an ice cool Key was plotting a brutal cabinet reshuffle.

Two ministers were dumped and Nick Smith was brought in the from the cold.

And it appears to be a winning strategy.

Party Support

  • National 49.0% (+5.0%)
  • Labour 33.0% (-2.0%)
  • Green 11.0% (-1.0%)
  • ACT 0.0% (-1.0%)
  • Maori 1.0% (nc)
  • United Future 1.0% (nc)
  • Mana 1.0% (nc)
  • NZ First 4.0% (nc)
  • Conservative 0.0% (-1.0%)

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  • Meg

    I love how Whale spins things.

    If the polls show a probable Labour Government – well the polls are just all over the place and cannot really be trusted.

    Then, as in this case, the polls give National a bump and Labour dips by the an extremely tiny amount and then it’s – National soars and Labour is crashing into the pit of doooooom,

    It is just as well he does not use the tag line “fair and balanced” because he is neither.

    • Troy

      Just the type of hypocritical response expected from a left wing loonie who spins to suit. Shearer will stay on (despite a whopping 10 abstentions in the lastest farce of a leaders confidence vote) and that’s good for the country – Liabour the gift that keeps on giving.

      • Meg

        Silly boy.

        • TeacherUnionsRscum

          Why is he a “Silly boy”?

          Could you dismount from your high horse immediately.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      If you can add and subtract do the math Meg. +5 to National and -2 to Labour means a 7 points gap, not 3 as your tiny brain has worked out.

      • Phar Lap

        Good to see you got squeaky Meg on toast.Well done again,and again, and again.

        • Meg

          “Got” wow, if you consider that a “got” you should be embarrassed.

      • Meg

        Labour has not Crashed, dived, bombed, whatever. They dropped 2%.

        And as for Nationals 5%, I would consider that a rather soft 5% given so many recent polls, and expect it to drop away, and more over the year.

        There is still a very good chance of a leftist Government after next year.

    • TeacherUnionsRscum

      Why do you visit this blog? I wouldn’t go on a website which annoyed me – which is why I don’t go on the Starndard

      • John1234

        Are you kidding? I love theStranded. If ever I need reminding how absolutely venal and without intelligence the hard left are, I just pop in there. It is always refreshing. And nowdays you get to see the snarling lefty dogs barking and snapping at the centrists in the Labour party – wonderfully entertaining.

        • Hazards001

          “If ever I need reminding how absolutely venal and without intelligence the hard left are, I just pop in there”

          If I ever need reminding I just open the herald online.

      • Agent BallSack

        I prefer to call it the Double Standard these days. Always worth a laugh though.

    • Patrick

      +5 & -2? More than a bump & dip, that is a 7 point spread. You have to question where the +5 comes from as the above doesn’t suggest the Right is cannibalising itself. Are some lefties seeing the light?

      • Meg

        See above.

    • grumpy

      When was the last time the polls showed a “probable Labour Government”?
      Not in living memory.

      • Meg

        I suggest you look back through some of this blogs own postings.

        The last poll had a very high chance of a Labour Government.

        It is amazing how much you right wingers will fiddle the truth to keep your spits up.

        • rightoverlabour

          A single poll means nothing. A trend may be significant and the trend basically shows no real movement for the last 5 years. The big problem for us on the Right is that our coalition prospects look bleak. The big problem for the Left is that their coalition stability looks even bleaker.

    • Mostly_Harmless

      Nor has he ever claimed to be.

  • RockyFist

    As long as they can suffocate Winston then both the Labour and Greens will find it very hard to form a majority.

  • Macca

    Seriously, what on earth did Liabour think they had done to warrant gaining votes! Slagging off Parata and partial asset sales? Shearer plucking figures out of his arse that he can build houses for $300K? Face it, Labour has nothing to offer this country and hopefully mainstream swing voters are finally waking up to that fact!

    • unsol

      Albeit the mainstream voters that love their WFF….if the Nats ever touch that golden egg it is over red rover.

      I cant see them waking up to anything…..but we can hope that Labour continues on its downhill slide & that Robyn Malcolm continues to ensure that the Greens are too extreme left for middle NZ.

    • Apolonia

      The poll results published by TV1 were incorrect. Actual results were;
      National 49%
      Labour 33%
      Green 11%
      NZ First 3.9%
      Maori 1.0%
      Conservative 0.9%
      Mana 0.5%
      United 0.2%
      Act 0.1%
      Others 0.2%

  • unitedtribes

    At last. The prospect of a very assertive green party dominating a very nice but hopeless leader of the Labour party has finally sunk in. I was beginning to think that no one cared.

  • UnionsAreCorrupt

    NZF will struggle to get 5% at the next election. The last election was a low turnout which helped Winnie ie 5% of a small number of votes cast. The next election will be a bigger turnout as Liebour/Greens will think they have a starters chance, and Nats will smell a 3rd term. A number of the liebour voters who voted for NZF will return to Liebour or the Green Hippies. Winnie will be gone, or diagnosed with some sort of mental illness or disease of the mind……hang on…..

  • J.M

    Bring on a 3rd term

  • Richard McGrath

    If Winston First gets less than 5% and the polls remain where they are then the Nats get 49/95 = 51.6% and govern alone.