Latest Truth on sale tomorow

spacies15-2The latest Truth is on sale tomorrow.

News Headlines:

Truth: News Headlines

Sports Headlines:

Truth: Sports Headlines

All Whaleoil readers need to go buy Truth tomorrow…send me a photo of you with your paper and you will go in the draw to win a $2000 retro Spacies Machine…like the one we have in the office…in fact it is actually the one in the office….oh and you need to like Truth on Facebook.


Who should be buying Truth this week?

Rod Petrecivic should arrange someone to smuggle one into Auckland Prison for him.

Chris Buddle will probably want to hide for a couple of days.

Grant Robertson should buy Truth this week

Trevor Mallard of course…again

A couple of Herald heavyweights might want to buy Truth this week

Dover Samuels should buy Truth definately

Gareth Hughes…again

Judge Raoul Neave should buy Truth

Winston Peters might like his cartoon

Richard Prosser not so much

Meteria Turei should buy Truth

Plus we are giving away some Deep Purple tickets.

All in this week’s Truth.


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  • Freddie Fleetstreet

    We should point out that it is a brand new one. We have been using it for a week. It has 60 of your favourite retro arcade games installed and we will wipe all the hand sweat off before sending it out. Pictures of you in unique or ridiculous poses/locations will get an extra chance to win.
    If you get a pic with a celebrity and the paper +1 entry. A pic with you and Trevor Mallard +50 entries.
    We are going to run this over the next few weeks. If you get one each week for the next few you will get bonus entries. If you get one each with Trev we will probably just load it into the Whalemobile and bring it straight round with a slab of piss.
    The first ten entries each week will get triple entries.

  • Hazards001

    Well I might have gone for the picture thing to enter but the odds of finding me on fuckwit book are about as good as seeing a picture of me in the Horrid at the poofter parade last Saturday. I’ll still buy the paper though.

    • The Facebook thing is optional but a nice to have

  • LinkinHawk

    Adult section….. Why only adds for escorts in Auckland??I would like to see adds and photos of escorts in other regions to ,especially chch