“Live More Awesome” 650m world record waterslide video footage (Depression Awareness charity)

As a follow-up to our Photo of the Day that covered the muddy thrills and spills of a waterslide dug into a hillside in Waimauku measuring 650 meters long and built by New Zealanders Jimi Hunt and Dan Drupstee, we now have some video clips of the “Live more Awesome” charity event last weekend.

For more information, visit the Live More Awesome web site.


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  • Cadwallader

    Is this a “word” record or a “world” record or are you seeking employment at the NZ Herald? LOL.

  • spollyike

    No offence but you are really struggling aren’t you whale? The number of comments on your posts this year has been truly pathetic. Kiwiblog has sadly beaten you by miles in terms of posts on similar subject matter. I would suggest you join with kiwiblog, as you are only going to get less and less views and comments from now on. Mainly due to your pro homo stance and anti cat = anti freedom stance, as well as your refusal to get down and dirty ousting the maori from their throne. I think of all the wasted opportunities with JT and (small) willy Jackson where you could be pushing the right’s number one vote generator = equality for all races, genders, orientations, rather than the lefts bullshit. In this way you come across as some sort of oxymoron that no-one can really commit to.

    • I think you will be unpleasantly surprised by how many view I am getting…and far from your claims that it is less and less it is in fact more and more.