Loads of Global Warming in the UK

Looks like loads of global warming is affecting the UK:

Snowfall will cause disruption across the country, the Met Office has warned, with freezing temperatures expected to last through the half term into March.

Up to four inches of snow is expected across the UK overnight on Sunday as a band of rain turns to snow.

Forecasters warned that the Midlands, East Anglia and parts of Wales will be worst affected, with the possibility of snowfall and icy roads in London as rush hour hits.

Thousands of gritters have been sent out and Network Rail is preparing trains for ice and snow. Sleet and snowfall around Heathrow and other major airports may cause disruption. 

A Met Office warning said: “Wet roads may well freeze for the Monday morning journey to work. Ice is likely to be a rush-hour hazard.”

Temperatures will be around 3C during the day, much colder than average, and freezing at night.

On the eastern hills of Scotland up to eight inches could fall over Sunday night and there will be blizzards on higher grounds. Roads could be closed in the Midlands and in the north.

Another band of rain from the west is likely to turn to snow on Wednesday, with more light flurries on Thursday and Friday before a mild spell over the weekend.

However it is expected to turn cold again next week and into half term.

Temperatures are expected to stay below 5C during the day and continue freezing at night.


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  • Mr_Blobby

    Have you noticed we are hearing less on Global warming and more on weather extremes.

    • Pedro Salmanca

      Have you noticed that we were hearing global warming would involve more extreme weather events since at least 20 years ago?

      Where were you this summe- monsoon season, I should say.

    • Guest

      Have you noticed that we’ve been hearing about an increased frequency in extreme weather events due to global warming since at least 20 years ago?

      • Nope…we have been hearing BS beat ups that ignore the fact that weather in the long distant past actually still holds the records for the most extreme events. Inconvient for the alarmist crowd….

  • BR

    The global warming scam is just more of the same tired old left driven lies, deceit and propaganda. The only solution they can come up with to combat this perceived “problem” is for the citizens to surrender more of their freedom and more of their money to the bureaucrats and the government.


  • surfisup

    There is little doubt temperatures are warming.

    You cannot look at isolated events as evidence for/against global warming. If that were the case, you could look at Australia and say that is proof of global warming.

    One of the predictions of global warming is that there will be more snow as there is more moisture in the air.

    But, as for a solution— I think that the earth may have a balancing mechanism that will kick into place. Scientists still don’t know how snowball earth occurred and how it ended. They have theories but don’t really know.

    • Agent BallSack

      You could have stopped that first sentence 4 words in and received likes rather than dislikes. However I do agree that the planet has a mechanism for dealing with climatic extremes – Ice Ages.

  • Jimmie

    I actually know that any sea level rises are due to the obesity epidemic. It is a well know fact that when a fat person gets in a bath the water level rises higher than if a skinny person gets in.

    So (siting a University of North Korea study) it is shown without doubt that there are more people on the earth and they are fatter than ever and all this extra weight is pushing down on the earth’s crust making it splay outwards and forcing the sea levels to rise dangerously (at least 1.5mm per century)

    This means the government needs to be upping income tax on the rich pricks before the earth is completely swamped with sea water – act now John Key before it is too late!

    But seriously my post has as much credibility as the whole AGW religion which is basically green socialism dressed up as pseudo science.