Maori Flags in Schools…yeah…how about NO?

There has been a call for so-called “Maori” flag to be flown in schools:

Te Ata Tino Toa, the organisation that campaigned to have the Maori flag flown from the Auckland Harbour Bridge, now wants to see it fluttering above all public schools. 

Spokeswoman Te Ao Pritchard said she was sure that Education Minister Hekia Parata would welcome the idea, given that it tied in closely with the educational values she promoted, namely that it would help schools engage with Maori, promote Maori language and culture, and would follow best practice in other countries, including Australia. “We think it would be great for our tamariki to walk into school in the morning and see the Maori flag flying side by side with other flags. It will be a small but significant boost for them,” Ms Pritchard said.

“Flying the Maori flag at our public schools will improve the Government position on the flag by flying it all year.”

Yeah how about fuck off. If we are going to fly any flag at schools it should be the official New Zealand Flag, nothing more, nothing less.


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  • In Vino Veritas

    But the Maori flag is not a national flag. Its the flag of a disparate group of tribes making up a group of people living in New Zealand. If they get to fly their flag, what about flying the Chinese flag for those of Chinese extraction, the Scottish flag, the Union Jack and if the Baptist Church have a flag, fly that as well. What about a flag for those people who shop at Pak’n’Save?

  • starboard

    Key will bend..anything for the brown racist vote.

    • Gazzaw

      Correction starboard – JK has made his views known. I would rather suggest that Shearer’s performance at Ratana is an indicator that labour would sell their souls to the devil if necessary to secure power. It would be hypocritical though don’t you think as it was Clark who removed the requirement for schools to fly the NZ flag. Not that hypocrisy has ever worried labor.

      • AzaleaB

        Well said. It is “the tail wagging the dog” we need to be wary of come the next election. The minor parties will get all sorts of ideological trivia on the table for the ‘behind closed doors’ bartering. Labour’s Shearer will be like the nodding dog you used to see in the backs or cars…

      • starboard

        Key let the shitty racist flag fly off the harbour bridge did he not ? Thin end of the wedge. The sheeple didnt complain so next move..let the racists flag fly in schools…the sheeple wont complain…next move separate justice system for the racists…the sheeple wont complain…next move a separate racist slush fund only for maori, they could call it oh, I dunno… whanau ora…aw..hang on..
        Fuck key , hes a pandering cock smoker.

        • Gazzaw

          Drawing a very long bow methinks starboard.

  • Captain Crab

    So much for “unity”. Agree- FUCK OFF. These pricks are heading straight for an apartheid state.

  • Sym Gardiner

    Do people remember what happened to Merv Wellington? He was the Minister of Education who forced schools to fly the flag each day. He was a laughing stock for my parents generation. Hekia would do well to remember her history as she is on thin ice already.

  • williamabong

    Probably more fitting if the Maori flag was actually printed on school toilet paper, that way this racist prick would actually understand how the bulk of kiwis feel about their pathetic attempts to split the country.

  • Hows about work on not killing your kids, then we’ll see about the flag eh ?

    • unsol

      Awesomely put. It makes me sick to the stomach that all we ever hear from the Maori community is I wants & we have to haves yet where are the waiatas, huis & protests for the way they stand in silence & allow their babies to get killed?

      I hate to keep bringing up the same names as they are but one awful example of the 20,000 children abused, maltreated & neglected in NZ each year, but I will never forget our the grave of Nia Glassie – a wee girl that the health authorities had no idea even existed, was covered in toys & her funeral swamped with a mass of weeping & wailing…including by some of her more famous whanau. Yet where were they when she was being tortured for months? Where were her neighbours?

      So until I see this culture personifying what they are meant to stand for by treating their children as precious & a blessing rather than merely a meal ticket, I will never accept their right to lord their culture over that of mine (Scottish, Irish & Scandinavian flags for me thanks) & demand that my child – from a loving & stable home – raises their flag.

      • Ronnie Chow

        The (hillbilly) Maori LOVE the dead . Much , much more than the living .

  • Paranormal

    Let them fly their flags in schools – as long as they supply the flags and flag poles out of their own funds. Hah, it’ll never happen.

  • Rockfield

    I don’t do the ‘Tino Rangitira(?)’ flag that is flown from the Auckland Harbour Bridge, it’s the standard of a bunch of shit stirring, free loading, dick head radicals.

    If we are going to have a ‘New Zealand’ flag, I think the appropriate one is the United Tribes of New Zealand flag, as has been flown at Waitangi on occasion. As flown on the left in the image:

    View the full Wikipedia entry here:


    • starboard

      united who of where tribes..sounds like another bunch of freeloading useless shit stirrers to me

    • Mr_Blobby

      It was sharples that pushed for it then went around the country consulting on the tax payer telling the fools that this was the only flag he would support.

      • spollyike

        fuckin’ sharples, retire already….

  • thehawkreturns

    The racists wouldn’t be able to organise who would raise or lower the flag anyway.

    I would gladly chop it down at my local schools.

    • spollyike

      I seriously think you are onto something there hawk, and i would offer my hep cutting down flagpoles as a stance on this issue. I think it is a great way to make a political statement on this rampant separatism.

  • cows4me

    I wouldn’t get to excited, the Maori flag does not represent all Maori to start with. Jeez they can’t even agree on who’s going to hold JK’s hand, shit something like one flag will take decades to agree on.

    • Rockfield

      Just use the replacement tree on One Tree Hill as an example …..

  • BJ


  • With its separist conatations, the tino flag is not a Maori flag. The only “true” flag for Maori should be the United Chiefs flag, the are the main native party to the Treaty of Waitangi and this is the one to fly on 6 Fen.

  • thor42

    Te Ata Tino Toa can GO FUCK THEMSELVES.

    • Mr_Blobby

      I think they are better at fucking each other.

      • spollyike

        The thing they are best at fucking is their kids lives!

  • GeorgeRomero

    Lets restore the New Zealand flag back into all schools and public buildings and no other national flag shall be let to fly higher next to ours EVER! , thats right, not even the communist Chinese flag ok John?

  • Dave

    Ah, NO. But I will support Flying the MAori flag at the places they hang out at and really like. They are…… Winz Offices, Sleazy Pubs, Pak n Save, MacDonalds and Hospitals. Maori need to start managing themselves before trying to tell others what to do.

  • Patrick

    Thin end of the wedge – slippery slope etc. These minority groups in all their various guises hold the majority to ransom. Come election time the two leading parties throw sweets at them to try to get their votes – everything is tradeable including sovereignty. Blame MMP & all the dumb arses that voted for it.

  • RockyFist

    That flag of theirs is so fucking ugly, I cringe everytime I see it. However an instant fix is some lighter fluid and a lighter.