Marriage Equality in France now unstoppable


The French National Assembly, the lower house of France?s Parliament has voted in favour of making same-sex marriage legal.

The vote held on Saturday morning was 249 in favour with 97 deputies voting against. The majority of the support for the bill came from the left, with many centrist and conservative deputies from the UMP voting against making marriage equal. ?

Due to the French political system, the bill still?has to be voted on in the Senate and then one more time in the General Assembly before a Decree can to be written to make it law.

But with 63% public support, and a healthy majority in the National Assembly, this bill is going to pass into law.

The French don’t do things by halves, and also have tackled the Gay Adoption issue at the same time.

Deputies voted on article one of the bill that redefines marriage as being an agreement between two people rather than just between a man and a woman. They also voted to open up adoption to same-sex married couples.

The vote follows months of debate and controversy over the issue of equal marriage and gay adoption. Further votes on the issue will continue until the 12th February 2013.

Those opposed to the bill can no longer stop it, but a?filibustering?process is underway to discuss no less than 5000 amendments, all ?of which are expected to fail. ?Amendments such as allowing a celebrant the right to refuse to marry a gay couple.

The bill has however been amended to ensure it will pass.

In what was perceived as an attempt to appease opponents to the bill,?the government dropped medically assisted reproduction for lesbian couples, from the country?s upcoming bill to legalise marriage equality.

A French commentator observes

“The fear of the Conseil Constitutionnel not allowing [the bill] as a whole because of a small part was the main reason the part about assisted reproductive technology was removed from the law, as it would have actually given more rights to homosexual than heterosexual.”

“Would have been kind of ironical.”