Maybe Shearer should get a mistress

It was worth 4% to Paddy Pantsdown:

Of course, there was one bad day with The Sun providing the devastating headline ‘Paddy Pantsdown’, but the story soon died. Ashdown’s ratings went up and the Liberal Democrats rose four per cent in the opinion polls. It had been a nightmare for Ashdown but it became a positive for the party.

Most politicians it would negatively impact them, but not in this case and it never has hurt other European leaders like Silvio Berlusconi or the various little French roosters like Sarkozy and Hollande. 

Not sure how the public will take news of David Shearer playing away. You never know it might just help him and Labour.


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  • kohibruce

    Unfortunately H1and other members of the labour coven are unlikely to be impressed by his fixtures.

  • niggly

    What sort of mistress should Shearer get?

    * Well known “activists” (like Lucy Lawless or Robyn Malcolm)? That might collect him some Greens supporters perhaps?

    * Someone sexy, like a model or sports star, which would also get public attention?

    *Or are we setting the sights too high, maybe a Mrs Humpries type who does the book keeping at the local LEC branch?

    * Hey – is Mrs Cunliffe available? Y’know, to mend the factions of course! For the good of the Labour Party! A bit like when opposing tribes fight and to resolve the issue, they marry someone from the other side :-)

  • unsol

    WO: while the observation re Paddy is interesting, suggesting one should commit adultery (even if only tongue & cheek) to gain votes is fairly low. Given the devastation it inevitably always brings it can never be a joking matter. As I am sure you know.