Mayor resigns for gay slur against police officer

It is hard to believe that there are still people like this around…even harder to believe it was a woman.

Time has passed them by, they are irrelevant and  now we are seeing just how irrelevant.

The mayor of a southeastern Ohio town has resigned over accusations that she repeatedly called a gay police officer “queer” in front of his colleagues and created a hostile work environment.

Jackie Welker, council president in the Village of Pomeroy, tells The Associated Press that 78-year-old Mayor Mary McAngus submitted a letter of resignation Saturday. 

Police Chief Mark Proffitt told the council this week that McAngus referred to Officer Kyle Calendine as “queer” in front of other officers and dispatchers. He says that at one point she said, “I don’t like a queer working for the village.”

Proffitt had warned the council that McAngus’ alleged comments could open the village to a lawsuit.

Calendine says the situation worsened in recent weeks.

McAngus did not immediately return a call for comment.


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  • Andrei

    For one who is comtemptuous of the mealy mouthed you sure do become prissy when it is the “gays” who are offended.

    If it was anyone else who had gone into high dudgeon over preceived insults I’m sure you’ld be telling them to “harden up” or something

    What d’ya reckon?

    • You mean this Andrei ?

      Best of Malcolm Tucker?

    • TomTom

      Andrei, you idiot, it was a person in a position of power abusing that power to attack someone else junior to them and making it hard to do their job and go about life.

      • Andrei

        Happens all the time matey – just that most people have to suck on it, if they can’t play a grievance card, that is, and of all the grievance cards that can be played the most unworthy and silly is the “gay” one.

        • Gayguy

          “Happens all the time”

          Oh well that must make it ok then. Better tell the cops to let the crim’s out as crime just happens all the time.


  • Andy

    I thought that the word “queer” had been reclaimed by the Gay community (though obviously in this case it was intended in a pejorative sense)

  • And heres Andrei to display his usual hypocisy. Hes the first to whine about so called opression of Christians….Blanking out the centuries of violent opressive history where the Church imposed itself upon all others and backed it up with torture and murder. That the Christian faith is even still tolerated to exist by people who would previously have been persecuted by it shows the depths of his lying evasions…

    • Andrei

      Rubbish I have never whined “about so called opression of Christians” though it is a very real thing in the Middle East, Egypt and Nigeria, where Christians are being killed, often in their Churches on a regular basis – and that is a real oppression looks like unlike the so called “oppression of gays” in the west.

      Sticking up for what you believe in in the face of slanders where half truths are spun into malicious lies is not whining about oppression.

      • Rodger T

        Yeah ,tell us how you “christians ” are being oppressed,

  • J.M

    It would be better if there were no gay police officers.

    • Gayguy

      It would be better if there were no people like you.

    • Troy

      If ever there was a dumbfuck statement by somebody here, it’d have to be yours. Effectively, you are stating that you will never ask for, nor require any police help in the future as you won’t know if the coppers are gay or not… what a fuckwit Less people like you make the world a better place.

  • LesleyNZ

    When I saw the news tonight and the story on the big gay out there were quite a few there who looked very queer in the queer sense of the word.