Meet José Mujica, The Best President In The World

via: BBC

via: BBC

Vladimir Hernandez writes:

It’s a common grumble that politicians’ lifestyles are far removed from those of their electorate. Not so in Uruguay. Meet the president – who lives on a ramshackle farm and gives away most of his pay.

Laundry is strung outside the house. The water comes from a well in a yard, overgrown with weeds. Only two police officers and Manuela, a three-legged dog, keep watch outside.  

This is the residence of the president of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, whose lifestyle clearly differs sharply from that of most other world leaders.

President Mujica has shunned the luxurious house that the Uruguayan state provides for its leaders and opted to stay at his wife’s farmhouse, off a dirt road outside the capital, Montevideo.

The president and his wife work the land themselves, growing flowers.

This austere lifestyle – and the fact that Mujica donates about 90% of his monthly salary, equivalent to $12,000, to charity – has led him to be labelled the poorest president in the world.


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  • romulus

    The credibility our sorry bunch can of socialists can only dream of…..

  • cows4me

    I bet his political enemies hate his guts.


    That’s the best argument against consumerism I’ve ever heard. “A poor person is someone who always wants more”. I’m no hippie, but I’m genuinely challenged by that thought.

  • thor42

    Bloody GREAT!

    This story should be shown to *every* MP and every mayor (sorry – “CEO”) – in New Zealand.

    Bunch of troughers, the whole lot of ’em.

  • StupidDisqus

    He’s fucking terrorist, an atheist, drug-pusher, greenie, commie – and an ally of Iran.

    Best president? More like the fourth worst (behind Iran, North Korea & Venezula)

  • Bunswalla

    Our Prime Minister donates 100% of his salary to the public good – doesn’t take a bean as far as I’m aware.