More dodgy dealings at the BSC – Fail Rule #19

By now you’ll know I’m no fan of El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo and his union cartel the Building Services Contractors [BSC].

Only last week he was exposed for complaining about franchises yet operates the Chemwash franchise out of the BSC’s office with his travelling sidekick Marja Verkerk. You may also be surprised at learning Verkerk set up the Carpet Cleaners Association of New Zealand Inc – with the head office… wait for… yes same address as the BSC.


As always the tip-line continues to provide a rich source of new scandals about El Presidente.

Looks like Paddy and Marja set up a new company just before Christmas called the Master Cleaners NZ Ltd. How nice you might say. Hermmm.

Now the BSC’s original name was the Master Cleaners Association of New Zealand Inc. Until they changed the name back in 1993.

Maybe their PR advisers suggested they quietly change the BSC’s name back in an effort to stem members’ growing concern about the level of heat focused on the cartel’s activities? 

Another option is El Presidente and Marja Verkerk are actively looking to destroy the BSC and take control of the government contracts the BSC cartel currently has tucked away?

It’s about time the BSC’s National President Brian Young or Council Member Robert (Bob) King follow up on their Special General Meeting of 3 November 2011 and follow through on the Rule change. Just in case you’ve forgotten here it is.


Whoops, look who signed it… El Presidente himself and Marja Verkerk submitted it on behalf of the Society.

Take that in the chook.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    He shoots….. He scores!

    With a slam dunk like that Mr. WO, the Breakers will be sending around their talent scouts!

  • Phar Lap

    Now what was that about Chem Wash.Would i employ them a second time?????.

  • LionKing

    Makes you wonder why the members are not taking up the option of Rule #19, particularly the bit about “… conduct unworthy of a member…or prejudicial to the interests of the Association” when Patrick Lee-Lo misleads members about the Registrar of Incorporated Society’s investigation into the BSC.

    Is it because Brian Young and Robert (Bob) King have been thick as thieves with Paddy/Maja about the $1.8m? Have they been on the BSC junket circuit as well?

    The whole BSC thing is a shambles and now a very public mess.

    • Hazards001

      The fact that the BSC is even allowed to operate or exist is a public mess. If we were discussing Mexico,India, China or Some piss pot African nation we would all be up in arms about Government corruption and bribery…but no…here in good ole NZ it’s just business as usual.

  • DLM

    Great work WO. Smash em up.

  • Fred

    Word on the street is that there is growing dissension by BSC members about the way Lee-Lo the clown and his bent mates are managing this outfit. Poor old Lee-Lo thinks there is only 1 mole but there are plenty, even the meeting minutes are leaking out. He is about to be rolled!

    • Time For Accountability

      If there was ever a need for an audit this is it.

      So the NZICA firm who recommended the audit be replaced by a review despite an audit being compulsory must be slightly uncomfortable at this point.

      If this recommendation is true then i suggest the auditor may be providing advice which destoys their independence.

      When i look at the accounts i get the distinct impression they were doing more than an audit. I form that opinion from the look and feel of these accounts and others they do.

    • Time For Accountability

      I suggest the Government audit office needs to investigate how their training grants have been spent and to the extent they have been accumulated in the bank why..

  • karma’s a bitch

    this guy is a idiot! Running TPS to the Ground……