My thoughts on Richard Prosser and the outrage

I have written what my thoughts are over the outrage over Richard Prosser’s “wogistan” comments over at Truth’s website:

There has been a massive outcry over the comments by Richard Prosser in the latest Investigate Magazine.

That is to be expected when you describe Muslims as “misogynist” and coming from “Wogistan”.

Did Richard Prosser have a right to say what he did? Absolutely he did. 

The Green Taliban make outrageous statements on a daily basis. Hone Harawira has built his political career off the back of racism.

In world there is a contest of ideas. The bad ones sometimes sneak through but by and large the bad ideas and stupid statement deservedly are mocked.

That is what should happen with Richard Prosser.

The rest of my post is about Prosser’s backsliding.


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  • Pete George

    Prosser is far from alone in his views, here is a collection of the thoughts of bigots from Kiwiblog yesterday – Blog of bigots

    For example from Andrei: “Pete George will be uttering prissy platitudes right up until the moment they cut his throat”.

    I don’t lie awake at night fretting over the yellow peril, reds under the bed, muslims taking over the country or Andrei.

    • cows4me

      I’m sure Neville Chamberlin said the same thing Pete.

      • Pete George

        Ah, the Chamberlain diss, thats a very weak attempt. We should fight everyone some nutters see as a threat?

        There’s a reason why the world isn’t rent and riven by Christians versus the Muslims fighting to the last man (women and children just collateral damage). Sometimes wars end up being necessary eg WWII (as compared to the stupidity of WWI). But fortunately most country leaders realise that they destroy much more than the solve.

  • Pete George

    “The rest of my post is about Prosser’s backsliding.”

    Yeah, his deliberate provocation and pandering to scaremongerers turned turtle when he got the publicity he sought. He didn’t make a proper apology by also didn’t stand by what he had originally said – either way that’s gutless.

    • starboard

      Why dont you climb down from your ivory fucking tower and get up that racist arsehole harawira over his continuous outbursts? Prosser has only voiced whats on the minds of many of the nz population. Like it or lump it, that’s a fact.

      • Pete George

        I have ‘got up’ Harawira when he has made comments I’ve disagreed with, including criticising him from blocking Prosser’s personal statement in Parliament this week.

        But most of the attention has been on Prosser.I’m aware he voiced what many people think.

        And many people disagreed with what he said, how he said it and how he wimped out with a non-apology. Like it or lump it, that’s a fact.

        You’re the one jumping up and down because you don’t like to hear anyone who thinks different to you.

        • starboard

          He’s not a silly man. He ” apologised” to shut down the media. All power to you Richard Prosser.

          • Pete George

            If he thought that sort of apology would shut down the media I think he’s mistaken. It has already been commented on, and his credibiity with the media will have also taken a major hit. They now know that when pushed he flip flops, so they are likely to push him to flip or flop whenever he raises his head, and even if he doesn’t they will know he is flakey and can’t be taken at his word.

          • starboard

            Let me correct you, ” the media now ” think ” that when pushed he flip flops. There’s more to come no doubt from RP and sidekick WP… there’s an election on the horizon.

  • StupidDiscus

    This isn’t about the right to free speech. No-one is suggesting Prosser be sued, fined, arrested, or executed for what he said. The question is a nakedly political one: will Winston first do better at the next election with Prosser, without Prosser by then, or without Prosser from now.

    • StupidDiscus

      (Cops. Glocks. Problem Solved – OK almost no-one)

    • starboard

      Winston is no fool either. He knew exactly how this was going to pan out. RP has the backing of WP , its a vote winner for sure with free publicity.

      • fozzie2

        Given the intense anti Islam and Muslim views voiced by so many on this list, Mr Prosser is a natural leader of the new poll defying party for next election ‘WOBF’ all the way !

  • BJ

    Reading a particular article by Investigate Magazine about things going on in NZ amongst some of the Muslim community – we should be worried and I can completely understand how compelled Richard Prosser was to get some attention to this matter. Jan 31st 2013 – if you care to read it online

  • Wallsingham

    Prosser’s statement is a stupidly on so many levels. The fact that an insincere apology was immediately forthcoming indicates lack of confidence, hypocrisy and demagoguery. Either of the three are enough to dismiss his credibility, integrity or morality.

    Probably numbers of thinking NZ’ers would agree with him, Prosser. And if the SIS doesn’t have a dometic Islamist department, they should! Culturalists, speakers/readers/writers, economists and informal liaisons within the NZ Muslim community at a minimum. Information is a form of blood and treasure.

    The attempt at populist claptrap attracts the nincompoops, zombie nazis and contributes nothing to positive debate and dialogue on ethnic relations in Godzone. The reality, OUR reality is that Jew, Christian, Muslim, black, white, brown, green with purple pocodots- Kiwis are Kiwis. Even the stupid ones!